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Which Sheds Are Suitable For Hot Tubs?

Which Sheds Are Suitable For Hot Tubs?

Date Published: February 6th, 2021

We all enjoy summer nights with friends and family, drinking around a fire or relaxing in the hot tub whilst watching the sunset. Owning a shed for your hot tub can prolong this time and maximise the use you can get out of it. Hot tub sheds are ideal for keeping out harsh weather conditions, and can also provide privacy if you need it.

Which sheds are suitable for hot tubs?

If you own a hot tub, you may be wondering which shed would be best suited to housing it. Fortunately, you have a few options to choose from. A summer cabin with lots of windows is a great option if you’re looking for something a bit bigger than your average garden shed. They’re roomy, offer a lot of natural light, and would be pleasant to use in the winter months when the nights become darker. These sheds could be customised with well-insulated flooring to maximise the space and keep your bills down too.

Another great option is a storage cabin. These are well suited if you have a hot tub that’s on the smaller side. Simply open the doors when in use to really get the best of both of the privacy of the shed and the outdoor world.

Storage Cabin Garden Shed

Storage Cabin Garden Shed - Price: £419

Have a larger hot tub? A log cabin might be the best option for you. These sheds are larger outbuildings and you might need planning permission to build one, however they will easily house a hot tub, along with other items of furniture such as chairs.

Requirements for your shed

Some sheds are not suitable for hot tubs, such as those not capable of carrying a hot tub’s weight. Normally, hot tubs will need to stand on concrete slabs or other hard floorings in order to function well. Hot tubs, in general, are heavy and get even heavier when full of water, so you will need to ensure that any shed you choose can either carry the weight or that you remove the flooring of the shed in order to support the structure.

Ventilation is also an important aspect of the structure to take into consideration. Wooden sheds and moisture don’t generally mix, so it’s important to add ventilation so that any steam can escape. If you do not add ventilation, you may find that your wooden shed will begin to rot. Ventilation can be as easy as opening the windows (if you have them), the door, or adding a special vent.

Another consideration is whether the hot tub will fit inside the structure after it’s built. If not, you may need to partially build the structure around the hot tub in order to allow for a smooth installation.

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