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The Perfect Potting Shed Accessories To Up Your Gardening Game

The Perfect Potting Shed Accessories To Up Your Gardening Game

Date Published: January 17th, 2021

With spring just around the corner, many gardeners are looking forward to planting, potting seedlings and setting up their garden for fresh flower buds. Owning a potting shed is ideal for any type of gardener, novice or expert and will allow you to pot budding flowers, vegetables and more during the colder weeks of winter and spring without worrying about the frost or ice. Potting sheds can be a peaceful spot to indulge in your hobby or simply a space to hide seedlings from the harsh weather. Below are some top tips for making your potting shed pop, and some potting shed accessories to help you customise and streamline your gardening technique.

Potting Table

Potting tables are one of the best potting shed accessories around and are ideal for working at a comfortable height so that you don’t injure your lower back. This potting shed comes with its own table and extra windows which is great for growing seeds. If your shed doesn’t have a table, invest in one long enough to hold pots, compost buckets and other growing materials you may need.

Wooden Potting Shed

Wooden Potting Shed - Price: £599

Compost Bins

Bags of compost, especially half-opened bags, can attract critters, damp, and make your shed smell. Investing in a compost bin will ensure that these issues are kept at bay, and will also organise your space so that it’s neat and tidy.

Tool Racks

Another space saver when it comes to potting shed accessories is tool racks. Ideal for spades, rakes, hoes and forks, tool racks can free up floor space in your potting shed, and you can usually find them quite cheap. Tool racks can be used vertically or horizontally and can help organise your tools as well as keep them from rusting from damp flooring. 


Just like rooms in your home, your potting shed can benefit from storage solutions such as shelving. Great for avid gardening enthusiasts, shelving can be used to store extra pots or tools. You can buy shed shelving or make your own from leftover timber. Just ensure that the shed wall can support the weight you wish to put on it before installing anything. 


Any shed can benefit from decent flooring, but when it comes to potting sheds, you might be unsure about which flooring is the best option. Ideally, the flooring you choose should be easily cleaned, one you’re not afraid to get dirty, and helpful when it comes to keeping heat in and damp out. Linoleum flooring might be a good choice for this.

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