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Reverse Sheds

Apex Sheds offer more central headroom: two slopes connect in the middle and form the classic triangle roof we all recognise. However, Reverse Sheds have the opposite structure! 

Reverse Shed FAQs

Reverse Sheds are modified versions of the typical apex shed. They feature slopes that run down the front and back of the shed rather than the sides.

This is designed to enhance the headroom across the width of the shed, which is ideal for smaller gardens.

Reverse sheds offer more storage space and accessibility, which is ideal for those who will be using the shed often.

This creates more opportunities to store items against walls, which is ideal for larger objects like bicycles and lawnmowers. 

Yes, you can select from various models and different door configurations, window options and colours.

This ensures that the shed meets your personal needs and blends well with your garden theme.

Reverse sheds require high-quality installation in order to ensure their stability and durability.

We offer free delivery and installation of your Reverse Shed for a hassle-free experience from purchase to completion​.

Our sheds are constructed from high-quality, durable materials. Each structure is designed to withstand the elements to provide long-lasting storage solutions. 

We commit to using sustainable materials as an eco-conscious business.