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Apex Roof Sheds

Apex roof sheds have two sloping sides at the highest point, allowing maximum headroom and storage space. These sheds are popular among homeowners, gardeners and outdoor enthusiasts who need a safe place to store valuables and enjoy their favourite hobbies. 


Due to their high-quality cladding, our apex sheds are extremely strong and durable. Each shed is finished with treatment which requires very little maintenance. Our apex roof sheds are available in different sizes and dimensions depending on the space you have available in your garden. We have sheds as high as 7’0” and as low as 5’0”. The bigger ones can be used as workshops or to store tools, machines and lawnmowers.

Dismantling and taking away your old shed as well installing a stable base for your new one are both available upon request.

Apex Shed FAQs

An apex roof shed is an outdoor structure with a peaked roof design. The roof typically consists of two sloping panels that meet at the highest point, or apex, in the middle: this design provides the shed with added height and a larger overall storage capacity.

Apex roof sheds are renowned for their distinct style, and at Atlas Sheds, we house countless classic and contemporary designs to suit your preferences. Choose from apex roof sheds constructed with the finest-quality tongue and groove cladding. 

We offer red cedar dip-treated wood or traditional timber apex roof sheds with tanalised shiplap cladding.

Yes, apex roof sheds are excellent for many reasons! But it all depends on an individual's needs. Before settling on a product, consider what you’ll use your apex shed for. Are you planning on converting it into a workshop?

Whether you’re a painter, gardener or carpenter, the design of apex roof sheds allows for more headroom: this is excellent for a workshop where you may need to sit or stand comfortably to do your job. 

Plus, they are great if you live in a rainy country. The UK is well-known for its moody weather, and if you’re using your apex roof shed to store outdoor furniture, children’s toys or even the tools of your trade, you’ll want a shed that will keep your personal belongings dry. 

Lucky for you, the peaked roof design of apex roof sheds allows rainwater to flow off the roof quickly and easily, reducing the risk of water damage to the shed and its contents. 

Its sloped design means that rainwater does not accumulate on top of the structure, which can be a problem with other types of shed roofs.

Owning an apex roof shed can make your life much easier. Not only will you have more storage space, but you’ll have a dedicated area to entertain, work or exercise separate from your main property. 

Their ergonomic design and extra headroom make them excellent for storing large items, like outdoor furniture or garden equipment. Using an apex roof shed as a personal sanctuary means you’ll have plenty of space to move around, sitting and standing. 

At Atlas Sheds, we sell several apex roof sheds that would transform your outdoor space into a quaint woodland sanctuary. Their classic designs and cottage windows can foster a homely atmosphere, perfect for all the family to enjoy.

The main difference between a pent and an apex shed is the design of the roof. 

A pent shed has a single sloping roof, with one side higher than the other. The roof slopes downwards from the higher to the lower side, allowing water to run off towards the lower end of the shed. Pent sheds are often simpler in design than apex sheds and are generally less expensive.

Apex sheds are often taller than pent sheds, providing more headroom and storage space. In contrast, an apex shed has a peaked roof with two sloping panels that meet at the highest point, or apex, in the middle. The roof slopes downwards on either side, allowing rainwater to drain off towards the roof's edges.

Choosing between a pent and an apex shed will depend on your needs and preferences. Pent sheds may be a good option if you are looking for a simple and less expensive shed, while apex sheds may be a better choice if you need more headroom and storage space.

You felt an apex shed roof using specially-designed roofing felt. Many of our apex roof sheds come with polyester-backed 40kg green mineral roofing felt, protecting your outdoor structure with a secure waterproof cover. 

However, if you want to use your own shed roofing, here are some general guidelines: 

Measure the roof area and purchase enough roofing felt to cover it, then remove any existing roofing felt. Lay the first layer of roofing felt horizontally across the bottom edge of the roof, ensuring that it overhangs the edge slightly.

Secure the felt to the roof using a staple gun or tacks, making sure to keep it taut and wrinkle-free. Repeat the process, laying additional felt layers, each overlapping the previous layer by about 5 cm (2 inches).

Once the entire roof is covered, trim the excess felt from the edges using a utility knife. Apply a layer of bitumen adhesive to the top of the felt to provide a waterproof seal. If desired, add a final layer of decorative felt to give the roof a finished appearance.

At Atlas Sheds, we offer different sizes of apex roof sheds to accommodate your needs. We can provide the perfect outdoor area, from small tool sheds to multiple-storey apex roof playhouses. 

All you need to do is take measurements of your garden and decide where you’ll be placing your shed. Check for any obstructions, like low-hanging branches or bushes, that could result in you misplacing your shed. 

Our apex roof sheds range from 5’0” to 10’0” in height, with countless widths, windows, security features and door options that you can customise at checkout.