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Bike Storage Sheds

Bicycle Sheds

Are you a keen cyclist looking to shield your bike from theft, damage and the elements? Atlas Sheds is proud to offer our range of affordable bike sheds, manufactured with expert craftsmanship and first-class materials. 

Bike Shed FAQs

Bike storage sheds are designed to store and protect your bike from vandalism, theft, and damage. 

These sheds are typically designed from durable materials, including wood, metal, or plastic. This offers protection against rain, wind, and sunlight, which can damage bicycles over time.

Our sheds can be bought in various sizes to accommodate smaller and larger bikes or more than one vehicle.

Our sheds are designed to be waterproof with tongue and groove cladding, high-quality timber, and sturdy designs. 

You can customise the base of your shed for extra protection against moisture, pests, and damage. Our sloped roof sheds help to channel rainwater off the shed.

Yes, all of our bike sheds are designed for ultimate security. 

Our materials are thick and sturdy for added protection, and we offer fully framed double doors for ease of use. For extra security, you can invest in hasps, staples, padlocks, or key locks to prevent intruders from getting into your bike shed.

Of course! All of our bike sheds are available to purchase online with customisation options available.

Simply choose your shed size, door position, heavy-duty frame, base type, vapour barrier, lock options, and shed removal. After purchase, your shed will take 2-3 weeks to deliver. 

Yes! We offer free installation and delivery for all of our summerhouses, timber sheds, and playhouses. 

Our team of experts can also remove your old shed beforehand for a quick and swift installation. 

Yes! With larger sheds available, you have plenty of space to store any biking gear, tools, or accessories. 

This is great for de-cluttering your home and making sure everything is safe in one place for easy access.