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How to Prepare for Garden Shed Removal

How to Prepare for Garden Shed Removal

Date Published: February 15th, 2021

At Atlas Sheds, we offer a shed removal service as an additional option when you purchase a new shed. The best way to take down a shed is to allow professionals to dismantle your old shed and install your new shed and base for you. If you are intending to get rid of your old garden shed, you will need to take some steps in preparation for garden shed removal.

How to Prepare for Old Shed Removal

The main thing to do to ensure that a shed can be dismantled is to completely empty it. This means removing anything that you store in the shed and either disposing of it or storing it elsewhere temporarily. Shed disposal only includes the removal of the full shed panels, not the contents of the shed. It is your responsibility to secure your own belongings beforehand.

You should donate, recycle, or throw away any items from your shed that you do not wish to keep in advance of the removal. It is important that you remove your items from the garden so there are no obstacles that could pose a health and safety risk or hinder the garden shed removal. You might want to arrange a shed clearance service separately.

How to Prepare for Dismantling a Shed

Once your shed is cleared out and ready for removal, there are a few more things that you should do before the time comes to take the old shed away. If your shed is connected to an electrical power supply or any other utilities, you must switch these off and disconnect them to allow for the safe removal of the shed. In the process of emptying your shed, get rid of risky parts inside or out such as sharp protrusions, rusty nails, broken glass, or splintered wood.

If you have the tools available, you could make a start on the first steps towards dismantling your shed. This would only be removing any trims and fascia and unscrewing door hinges or removing window glass to avoid breakage. This will make it much faster for the shed removal service to dismantle the shed and get on with installing your new garden shed.

How much does shed removal cost?

The price of garden shed removal depends on conditions such as location, condition, and anchoring. The cost may be higher if your shed is anchored to concrete or if your shed is wired, as electrical wiring can complicate shed removal. Depending on the size of the shed, where you live, and whether it is being completely demolished, you may also have to pay for a shed demolition permit. If your shed is in very good condition, you could try to re-sell your garden shed instead, as the buyer could collect and remove your shed for you.

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