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6 Ways To Secure Your Garden Shed

6 Ways To Secure Your Garden Shed

Date Published: March 10th, 2021

A garden shed can be used for many things. Whether you use yours for potting flowers, storing work tools or as a garden office, it’s important to know how to secure it in case you’re targeted by thieves. Many shed security measures can be a deterrent to thieves, so ensuring that you have something in place is a top priority. Below are six tips on how to secure your garden shed.

Build Your Shed In A Secure Position

One way that you can enjoy a secure garden shed is to build your shed in a place that isn’t easily visible from the street. Ideally, you should build your shed in a spot covered by a security light. This way, anyone who goes near it during the night will trigger the light, and hopefully, be deterred from going any further. Most burglaries happen in the dark, so installing a security light is one of the most effective measures against thieves.

Install Padlocks

Many timber sheds come with standard padlocks so that you can enjoy peace of mind. Although standard padlocks can be quite secure, they can be picked or broken by those who know-how. Upgrade your padlock to a closed shackle one if possible, as these cannot be picked or broken as easily.

Update Your Shed Hinges

More often than not, standard shed hinges are secured with small screws. If someone is looking to break into your shed, these can easily be forced or prised off the door. You can prevent this by swapping these screws for nuts and bolts. For added security, secure the nuts and bolts in place with strong glue to avoid them being unscrewed with force.

Secure Your Windows

One of the weakest parts of your shed is the windows. You can reinforce them by sealing them off, use curtains to avoid any snooping thieves, or buy a protective film that will keep the glass in place in case it is broken.

Install An Alarm

Whether you have electricity in your garden shed or not, installing an alarm is a surefire way to stop thieves. Battery operated alarms are relatively cheap and straightforward to install, and those with motion sensors can easily be installed inside your shed for additional and subtle security. Wired alarms usually come with a default code - be sure to change this for an even more secure garden shed.

Install Bike Locks On Tools

If you plan on leaving items in your shed whilst on holiday or away, then a security measure you might want to implement is bike locks. Using these to secure larger tools or items together in your shed is a great way to make them bulkier and harder to move.

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