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Top 7 Best Value Garden Sheds for 2019

Top 7 Best Value Garden Sheds for 2019

Date Published: July 22nd, 2019

It can be time-consuming to search around for the best value garden sheds, so here is a handy compilation to narrow it down for you. These are some of the best value sheds on the market.

Best Value Basic Garden Shed

One of the best value garden sheds for those on a low budget is the appropriately named Budget Range Garden Shed (Apex I). It is the ideal basic small garden shed for anyone looking for a cheap but strong and secure garden shed. If you want to invest a little more in the shed, you can customize it with an upgraded frame or base. You can also opt for added security features, weatherproofing, or a different door style. If you plan to use the shed as a small workshop, you can also install a workbench inside. Even without the upgrades, it is a sturdy & reliable shed.

Budget Range Garden Shed (Apex I)

Budget Range Garden Shed (Apex I) - £159

Specifications: 4x2 shed size, 6ft high, tongue & groove panel door, strong oriented strand board cladding (OSB)
Pros: very affordable at £159, upgrades available at additional cost
Cons: no windows (but this could also be a pro, as it increases security)

Best Value Pent Garden Shed

If you would like a garden shed with a more aesthetically pleasing appearance, including a window, then this Wooden Tool Shed (Pent A) is the best value garden shed at just £199. Although it is a relatively low-cost garden shed, it is made of high-quality European softwood. It is appropriately protected from the elements, but you can pay for upgrades if you wish. These options include pent guttering, thicker framing, foundation and security solutions as well as adding a workbench on the inside.

Wooden Tool Shed - Pent A

Wooden Tool Shed - Pent A - £199

Specifications: 4x2 shed size, pent roof from 5’4” to 6’, 12mm tongue and groove shiplap cladding, single door and window for front access
Pros: red cedar treatment protects the wood and gives it a pleasing colour; pent roof ensures water runs off, window to let light in
Cons: lengthways shed may be awkward to position for best access

Best Value Apex Garden Shed

When you do want a lengthwise shed but you would prefer the benefit of extra access with double doors, the Apex Wooden Bike Shed is the best. A slightly higher price of £259 will get you valuable extra space for safely storing larger items such as bikes and garden furniture. It is the best value low-height garden shed, less likely to protrude over fences or walls. If you are concerned about security for your garden shed, then you can pay for additions such as thicker framing, locks, or a bolted base.

Apex Wooden Bike Shed

Apex Wooden Bike Shed - £259

Specifications: 6x3 shed size, apex roof from 5’ to 4’ eaves, double doors, tongue & groove cladding in European softwood
Pros: easy access double doors, red cedar dip treatment, less obtrusive
Cons: low height may not be suitable for taller people

Best Value Corner Tool Shed

If you want to tuck your shed away in the corner of your backyard and use it for tool storage, then this Wooden Tool Shed (Apex J) is the best choice, also at £259. It will fit neatly into most corners, with a window on one of the outward-facing sides and the door in the other. It is an ideal practical storage space for tools and can double as a small private workshop. You can also customize it by changing the window style or adding wire window guards.

Wooden Tool Shed - Apex J

Wooden Tool Shed - Apex J - £259

Specifications: 4x4 shed size, apex roof from 6’ to 5’6” eaves, 12mm cladding in tongue and groove shiplap, single access door
Pros: average height, red cedar treatment, waterproof roof in polyester-backed felt
Cons: less suitable for positioning in places other than corners

Best Value Summerhouse Garden Shed

Even if you do not have the budget or garden space for a big fancy summerhouse, you can still bring an element of luxury to your backyard along with practical outdoor storage. The lovely Rose Cottage Garden Shed looks just like a little cottage, with quaint fixtures including a tapered 1ft overhang to shelter the door and windows. With its decent size and attractive appearance, it is both functional as a storage space and versatile as a summerhouse hideaway for adults to relax or children to play in.

Rose Cottage Garden Shed / Playhouse

Rose Cottage Garden Shed / Playhouse - £349

Specifications: 6x4 shed size, tongue & groove 10mm cladding, weatherproof roofing felt, red cedar treated wood with a rosy hue
Pros: plenty of windows make it suitable for personal use (whether for adults relaxing or children using it as a playhouse), decorative antique style
Cons: the number of windows and extended roof could restrict placement possibilities

Best Value Cabin Garden Shed

You can get the best of both worlds by combining quaint cottage windows and an overhanging apex roof with a sturdy large frame and double doors. This creates the Storage Cabin Garden Shed, with a more practical design that is also suitable for personal use. Opening the double doors can make the shed interior feel a lot bigger and creates a perfect space for garden barbecues and spreading out the garden furniture. You can also use the cabin for storage for that furniture and other equipment.

Storage Cabin Garden Shed

Storage Cabin Garden Shed - £359

Specifications: 6x4 shed size, apex roof from 6’ to 5’4” low, shiplap tongue and groove cladding, European softwood treated with red cedar dip
Pros: double doors for easy access, a window in each side, sheltering roof overhang
Cons: double doors create more of a sense of a shed than a cabin unless you open them

Best Value Workshop Garden Shed

If you plan to spend a lot of time in your garden shed and use it as a workshop space in addition to storage space for your tools and equipment, then the Tanalised Garden Shed (TITAN 2 Apex J) is the best value garden shed for this. The pressurised treatment of the timber ensures years of protection against rot and gives the shed a natural-looking finish. The row of windows down the side are ideal for installing a workbench beneath, and the tall walls are perfect for installing shelves for storage. You can opt-in for additional upgrades to the base, floor, windows, door, security, or waterproof treatments.

Tanalised Garden Shed - TITAN 2 Apex J

Tanalised Garden Shed - TITAN 2 Apex J - £449

Specifications: 6x4 shed size, apex roof from 7’ to 6’ eaves, tongue & groove tanalised cladding, diagonal braces to strengthen the rigid frame
Pros: heavy-duty strength for durability, extra headroom when doing DIY work
Cons: can appear large and bulky in smaller gardens

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