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A Comprehensive Guide to Finding the Best Small Garden Sheds

A Comprehensive Guide to Finding the Best Small Garden Sheds

Date Published: August 12th, 2019

Finding the best small shed for your garden can be difficult because you have to be precise with the measurements. You must consider the size of your garden, where you want the shed to go and what you are going to use it for. Additionally, you might also have a strict budget for your small garden shed. The appearance of the shed and the materials that it is made of are obviously important factors, too. Small sheds are perfect for storing general garden equipment and tools and can also be used as small outdoor sheltered working spaces if you prefer the privacy they can offer. Following are some of the best small garden sheds available at affordable prices.

Wooden Garden Tool Shed – Pent B

This popular low-cost pent tool shed is affordable at only £199.99. It has a classic design and is comprised of high-quality materials, despite its lower price. A red cedar water-based treatment protects the European softwood and also gives the shed a pleasant aesthetic. The pent roof is protected from the elements as well with a layer of heavy-duty polyester felt.

7x5 Wooden Garden Tool Shed - Pent B

7x5 Wooden Garden Tool Shed - Pent B - £199

The shed is 6 feet tall at its highest point. It has a wide door in the B position and its cladding is in a shiplap tongue and groove style. It ticks several boxes on the list of things to look for in the best small shed: low cost, strong basic structure and weatherproofing. This kind of shed is ideal to fit into a corner as you only need access to the front for the window and door. It is large enough for storage without taking up too much of your backyard, which is important if you only have a small space.

Wooden Garden Tool Shed – Apex I

If you are looking for a shed to fit into a narrow space, then this apex tool shed fits the bill. Like the pent roof shed above, this one also has shiplap tongue and groove cladding made of softwood with a red cedar treatment. However, the apex roof with added detail makes it more decorative, which makes it the best small garden shed for those who take special pride in the looks of their garden. It has a double window on its left side, so it is best suited for its right side to go against a fence or a garden wall.

7x5 Wooden Garden Tool Shed - Apex I

7x5 Wooden Garden Tool Shed - Apex I - £259

If you do not want the shed on the left side of your garden, then you may have to look at other options. If you would rather purchase a shed with more depth than breadth, then it is fit for the purpose. The £259 price tag is good value for the quality and extra detail.

Double Door Wooden Tool Shed C

What you will be storing in the shed and who will be accessing it matters, too. For example, if you are storing larger items like lawnmowers or garden furniture in the limited space, then you will need to be able to fit them through the door. This is where a garden shed with double doors like this one comes in handy. Like the first cheap garden tool shed above, this slightly more expensive version has a pent roof, is constructed with softwood shiplap cladding and benefits from a red cedar proofing treatment.

Double Door Wooden Tool Shed C

Double Door Wooden Tool Shed C - £289

The real advantage of this shed is that it has two double doors which take up most of the front of the shed. It is extremely easy to access it and the items that you store in it when you open both doors. Opening up the space by opening the doors automatically makes the shed feel bigger too. A shed like this can also make a good shelter for sitting in the garden on sunny days, even if your lawn is too small for a lot of garden furniture or something fancier like a gazebo.

Tanalised Garden Shed - TITAN 2 Pent C

Being size restricted doesn’t have to mean buying the smallest shed available. Making the most of the layout of your garden with appropriate placement can allow you to invest in a small garden shed that’s a little larger. This tanalised pent roof shed has an extremely strong rigid structure which allows for secure storage. The tanalised cladding has undergone pressurised treatment to protect it against rot and perforation. This is a really important factor when investing in a long-lasting shed.

Tanalised Garden Shed - TITAN 2 Pent C

Tanalised Garden Shed - TITAN 2 Pent C - £449

Another difference is not only that it has a window on either side of the centred single door, but that it is 6’3” at the lowest point of the pent roof. If you need additional headroom, then a shed of this height is ideal. This also helps to maximize vertical space, which is handy if you intend to use shelving units inside your garden shed to help with storage. The treated timber is also another element for consideration, as it adds an organic-looking green finish.

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