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10 amazing shed decorating ideas

10 amazing shed decorating ideas

Date Published: March 20th, 2019

Sheds can be so much more than just a wooden structure in your backyard. With these shed decorating ideas you’ll be able to turn your ordinary wooden shed into a real feature for your garden!


Not everyone likes the traditional brown of a wooden shed. If you’re getting a bit bored of the normal colour of your shed you could give it a fresh coat of paint. To give your shed exterior a bit of life you could try colour matching your paint to other features in the garden such as your fence or maybe some of the surrounding plants or flowers. If you want to get creative with your shed decorating you could try a colour combination such as yellow and pink stripes or paint the door red and the walls blue!

Curtains, shutters or blinds

This is a great idea if you’re turning your shed into an outdoor office space or a workshop and you want to give it a bit of a homely feel. This will also add some extra style and let you control the amount of natural light. This way you can also stop it from getting too hot in the summer.


Adding some wallpaper may seem like one of the more simple shed decorating ideas but it can make such a big difference. Unless you’re going for the rustic look, sometimes the wooden walls can seem unappealing so why not pick a roll or two of your favourite wallpaper and start experimenting?

Shelves and storage

Not only is this one of the most practical shed decorating ideas but it’s also great fun! Get creative when building your storage space, maybe adding some built in bookshelves or creating a custom design out of wood to hang on the wall.


Adding flooring to your shed will surely make it a cosier. You could add some nice soft carpet or a vinyl floor if you plan on making things or potting plants in there as it is really easy to clean.

Plants and flowers

Surrounding the shed exterior with plants and flowers is a great way to help your shed blend in with its surroundings but you can also do the same inside to keep the air fresh and to add a bit of gorgeous and natural colour.

Outdoor lights

This is great for gardens that don’t generally get a lot of light. Placing an outdoor light on the wall of your shed or dangling some pretty fairy lights around it will help illuminate your garden and make your shed look more welcoming.


Pick a theme and stick with it when decorating the interior of your shed. For example a log cabin themed shed would have lots of wood and plaid and maybe even a small log burner. If you want to go for something more modern maybe pick a she-shed theme or turn it into a man cave.

Outdoor seating

This is a perfect idea for those who have a shed with a veranda but even if your shed doesn’t, adding some outdoor seating can make it appear more welcoming. You could host barbeques or have a fire in the centre of your seating to enjoy during the summer.


If your shed is big enough try to add some proper furniture like a desk, bookshelf or couch. This creates a really comfortable area and makes your shed stand out. You will definitely want to spend more time in it.

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