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Top 10 Man Cave Ideas For Your Shed

Top 10 Man Cave Ideas For Your Shed

Date Published: February 20th, 2019

Not all garden sheds have to be a boring space where you keep your gardening tools. Yes, this can be a handy storage solution but you can do so much more with the extra space in your garden. If you have been looking for somewhere to escape to a man cave shed can be an ideal project to work on. Working on your man cave can be just as much fun as completing the project.

Before you start to turn your shed into the ultimate man cave you will first need to prepare the space. This includes dampproofing it, adding insulation and adding an electric/water supply if necessary. You will need electricity for the very basics such as lighting even if you don’t plan to add a TV or other electrical items.

Music Studio

Whether you’re an amateur musician or a skilled composer, if you have always dreamed of having a studio space of your own now is the time to make your dream come true. The most important thing to do with your shed before turning it into a music room is to add electricity and soundproof the place. To soundproof your shed you can use a mixture of resources depending on your budget.

Music studio in garden shed

You can purchase foam sheets or blocks made from wood and other material online that can be fitted to your shed walls to soundproof them and make sure you don’t get any complaints from your neighbours.

Backyard Bar

Turning your shed into a bar is not only one of the best ideas for a space to relax in by yourself but also a great place to invite your friends over to chill or to throw a party. This may seem like a difficult task but as long as you have the space you just need to kit out your shed with electricity, a bar table, bar stools, alcohol and some decorations.

These usually include signs, posters and fluorescent lights. Another cool idea would be to have a theme for your bar. You could decorate it 1970’s style or give it more of a pub style and add some decorations of your favourite sports team for example. Make sure to add a jukebox which will contribute to the atmosphere more than a regular sound system.

Jukebox machine

Game Room

If you have the extra room you can add a snooker table, darts board or foosball table to your shed and turn it into a game room for you and your friends to let off some steam in. This is also a good way to practise some snooker or darts skills before a game at the pub.

Bullseye dartboard

Retro Game Room

If you’re less into the foosball and darts and more into the old school Pac-Man you could turn your shed into an old school arcade. If you’re okay with splashing the cash a little on the equipment you could add a vintage game machine such as pinball to bring back the memories of your childhood arcade visits.

Vintage arcade machine

TV Room

If you add a TV into your shed and a comfy couch/bean bags you can turn your shed into a small home cinema or a space to watch sports games without disruption from the outside world.

Reading Nook

If you are more of a reading type of man, a cool man cave idea is to turn your shed into a reading nook or outdoor library. All you need to do is add shelves, books, comfy seating and lighting to make your shed the perfect place to relax and enjoy a good book. 

Gym or Boxing Room

If you don’t have space inside of your home for a gym or boxing area a shed can be a great alternative. Just add your gym equipment of choice or punching bag into the shed and you’ll have a space where you can exercise and let off some steam after a stressful day of work.


This idea is perfect for a man who likes to make or repair things. If you’re always being asked to repair household items or you want to get creative but don’t have the space in your home, turning your garden shed into a workshop can be a really good solution. It would be best to soundproof the shed so that you don’t disturb the neighbours when working.

Tools in a garden shed - workshop
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