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Small Garden Storage Shed Ideas

Small Garden Storage Shed Ideas

Date Published: November 28th, 2020

Struggling for extra storage space in your home, but your garden isn’t big enough for a standard size shed? Sometimes, it’s hard to find the perfect storage solution for your needs, especially when you only need an extra bit of space for tools or bikes. Below is our guide to small garden storage sheds, and how you can maximise the space you might already have in your garden.

Choose A Shallow Design

Great for storing garden supplies such as lawnmowers and other bulky items, shallow sheds are great for fitting into smaller spaces in your garden and hiding eyesores. The depth creates an illusion for the eye, making the shed seem bigger than normal, and the height can make up for what it lacks in depth. Our Pent C storage shed is a great option that is also budget-friendly.

Budget Range Garden Shed - Pent C

Budget Range Garden Shed - Pent C - Price: £179

Opt For A Tool Shed

Although many sheds are used to store tools, not all sheds are made specifically for that purpose. Built with storage solutions in mind, our tool sheds are ideal for those looking to store larger items. Although we offer a range of tool sheds, we recommend the Apex J, which offers more depth than width. This is perfect if your garden is longer than it is wide, and it can slot into a space easily thanks to our no-fuss installation process.

Wooden Tool Shed - Apex J

Wooden Tool Shed - Apex J - Price: £279

Think Outside The Box

Sometimes, the shed we need isn’t necessarily the shed we want. If the items you wish to store in your garden fit into the likes of a bike shed, then that would be a great choice for you. Relatively small in size, these are small garden storage shed solutions that not many consider.

Double Up

Sometimes, it’s best to double up on space where we can. For example, a log storage shed can be used to store both tools and logs. They can also be used to store other items that you wish to keep from getting wet. We offer a range of log storage solutions which you can take a look at here.

Aim Higher

Another great option for if you can’t compromise on width is to choose a shed that’s tall. Our Apex I shed is ideal for adding more shelves, and will allow for more room to store taller items should you need to.

Budget Range Garden Shed - Apex I

Budget Range Garden Shed - Apex I - Price: £179

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