Wooden Log Stores

Winter is approaching: you’re excited to get your log fire hot and burning. To keep the family warm all season, you have amassed a massive collection of logs. But wait. You have nowhere to store them! Logs must be seasoned with less than 20% moisture to burn. That’s why Atlas Sheds has created a range of log stores, the perfect, practical solution for log storage. 

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20" x 20" Tanalised Small Planter
20" x 20" Tanalised Small Planter
  • 15mm Tanalised Cladding
  • 40mm x 30mm Tanalised Framing
  • 20" High, 20" Deep, 20" Width
  • Easy Assembly
From £70.00 (Inc Free Delivery & Installation)
Tanalised Log Shed
7x2 Tanalised Log Shed
  • 15mm Tanalised Tongue & Groove Cladding
  • 40x30mm Tanalised Framing
  • 4ft Internal Shed - 3ft Log Storage
  • 6ft High to 5ft 6inch Low
From £560.00 (Inc Free Delivery & Installation)
4x2 Tanalised Log Store
4x2 Tanalised Log Store
  • 15mm Tanalised Cladding
  • 40x30mm Tanalised Framing
  • Open Fronted With Slatted Floor
  • 4'4" High
From £290.00 (Inc Free Delivery & Installation)
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Log stores are the ideal hideaway that keeps your supply out of the reach of unfavourable weather conditions. Our models will limit the moisture your logs absorb and are an attractive accessory for your garden space. 

Depending on the size of your fire, choose between two different sizes. We designed our tanalised log store to keep your logs out of harm's way. Its medium size is a compact yet spacious way to store fire-burning fuel. 

However, if you want something a little bigger, our 6-foot log shed with storage and double-door interior space will meet all your needs. Log stores are easy to install, provide maximum protection, look good in your garden and allow you to keep your fuel in one place. 

They are suitable for those with disabilities or reduced mobility because they keep your equipment organised and easily accessible. They are perfect for the busy worker, too tired to sift through a pile of damp wood for the dryest piece. 

Take your log-burning to the next level by purchasing a log store from Atlas Sheds: they will make your life easier.