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8 Low Maintenence Garden Plants

8 Low Maintenence Garden Plants

Date Published: 5th May 2021

Beautiful gardens filled with lots of plants and colour can take a lot of hard work, but if you’re really stretched for time then there are plenty of low maintenance garden plants that will look the part and not need to be tended to or watered religiously.

If you’d like to give your garden an uplift but don’t want to have to spend hours tending to it, then our quick guide to the best low maintenance garden plants is exactly what you need.

8 of the best low maintenance garden plants


These perennials are a great choice for all gardens as they can tolerate full sun and deep shade, as well as thrive in a wide range of soil types. The fact that they need little maintenance is just another bonus. Hostas are available in a number of different varieties from light green to blue leaves, which can add a beautiful dose of colour to your garden.


Hydrangeas make a great addition to your garden as they add a beautiful dose of colour when the flowers come through in late summer. The colour of the flowers is determined by the acidity of the soil they grow in, with more acidic soil producing blue flowers and neutral soil producing pink flowers.


Heuchera makes another great low maintenance plant option thanks to their wide-ranging foliage colours, you can get them in colours ranging from lime green to deep red and bright gold.


Sage plants are great because once they’re established they don’t require much maintenance from you. On top of this, they’re drought tolerant, which is ideal for when you’re travelling through the warmer months. There are plenty of varieties available that offer different heights and colours, and they all give off a beautiful fragrance in your garden.

Spotted Laurel

The evergreen shrub, Spotted Laurel, is ideal for shaded gardens. Not only will they survive with little sunlight, but their shiny leaves will give off a touch of brightness in your garden as well.


Another plant that is great for low maintenance shaded gardens is the Caladium. Their big beautiful leaves come in a variety of colours with multiple shades of pink, white and red. The white is a standout option for adding a glow in the evening time.

Hardy Hibiscus

This plant thrives in full sun, so if you have a shaded garden this one should be out of the picture. The Hardy Hibiscus blooms late in the summer with beautiful shades of pink, white and red. You’ll have to be patient as each summer comes around with this plant as it can take a while to come back to life. But it’s certainly worth the wait with the beautiful colours that are produced.


Ferns are the perfect low maintenance plant for your garden, and ideal for shaded gardens too. There are so many different varieties of ferns, with short options for smaller spaces or tall ones for big gardens that need filling. Ferns will also add beautiful texture to your garden.

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