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5 Basic Gardening Tips For Beginners

5 Basic Gardening Tips For Beginners

Date Published: May 4th, 2021

Finally looking to branch out into gardening? Perhaps you’re a first-time buyer with a new outdoor space to enhance, or maybe you simply wish to spruce up your courtyard. No matter your reasons, here are some of our basic gardening tips for beginners to get you started on your green thumb journey!

Get the right tools

When it comes to gardening, there are many tools you can purchase that can help you to get started. One of the main ones is a spade. They’re ideal for planting seeds, removing dirt, sifting compost, turning soil and even levelling the ground. They’re extremely versatile and can help with a multitude of tasks in the garden. If you’re looking for small tools to have in your potting shed, then consider a trowel for potting seeds and vegetables.

Know your soil

Depending on what you wish to plant in your garden, you will need to ensure you have the right soil for the job. If you’re planting vegetables, you will need soil that caters to this. If you’re simply planting seeds or ready-grown plants, you will need nutrient-rich soil that supports roots.


This is especially important if you wish to have a theme in your garden. Maybe you want it to look like a country cottage or a chic modern garden - no matter your aesthetic, you will need to plan which plants you want and where to put them in order to make the most of your outdoor space. Plan the colours, plant styles and layout to make the most of your garden from plan to implementation.

Take inspiration

Whether this is from magazines, garden shows or from simply visiting your local park, taking inspiration from your favourite spaces allows you to create your own space for peace and tranquillity. Not sure where to start? Take a look at the RHS, which delves into the world of gardening and offers tips about upcoming trends and designs for the year ahead.


Need an upgrade? Take a look at the furniture in your garden. Replacing or removing chairs that have no value can free up space for more comfortable items or even an area for more potted plants. The garden is a space for relaxing and enjoying the sun. Make sure it’s a comfortable area to sit when planning out your design.

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