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How To Prepare Your Garden For Winter

How To Prepare Your Garden For Winter

Date Published: October 13th, 2020

Strong winds, bitter chills and layers of frost can be expected during the winter months, and this harsh weather can wreak havoc in your garden. Here we provide some guidance on how to prepare your garden for winter.

These simple tips will help to ensure you don’t have a lot of work to do in spring.

Clear your paths

Make sure you take some time to clear the leaves that have fallen onto any paths or paving, because they’re a hazard in the garden when they’re wet. It might also be worth giving the path a quick clean with a brush and soapy water.

Tidy your borders

Take a look round your garden borders and see if there’s any dead leaves or weeds that need removing. If you have flowers that only last the summer then remove them ready for new ones to go in next spring.

Protect your plants

You want to ensure that your plants are protected from the cold and frost during winter by wrapping them up. It’s not a great look but it means you’ll still have greenery in spring.

You want to ensure that you protect both the plants you have in pots and the more delicate plants and trees that are planted in the ground.

plants wrapped for winter

Take some time for your lawns

The grass in your garden will need a little tending too before winter too. Make sure it's cut and that any moss is removed. Then sprinkle on some seeds that will make sure your grass has the nutrients it needs to stay strong through winter.

Prepare your soil for the next year

While this is something that most people tend to leave for spring time, preparing your soil just before winter can be a great way of getting it enriched earlier so the nutrients from the manure, compost or kelp can become biologically active.

Even just turning the soil now can help when it comes to preparing the garden for a new spring/summer season.

If you choose to add anything to your soil in the autumn, then keep it covered to help protect from washing the nutrients down below the active root zone.

Take time to weed

Go over the garden with a fine tooth comb and dig out any weeds that may have taken hold. You don’t want them there when the warmer weather comes back, so it’s best to take time to remove them fully before winter time.

man pulling weeds from garden

Plan ahead

Once you’ve been over the garden to check for weeds, take inventory of your plants and make a note of the ones that did and didn’t work well. That way you know what to avoid going into the new growing season.

Make a to-do list for things moving forward as well - it’s a good time to start making plans for the garden and you’ll have plenty of time to add things or make changes before the work actually starts in the warmer months.

How to prepare your vegetable garden for winter

Make sure your vegetable garden is prepped for winter by taking some time to ensure that it’s all clear and ready to go again in the New Year. You want to make sure that you take time to remove any dead vegetation that’s left over. You can then add some compost and a layer of mulch to help protect the soil.

It might be worth having your soil tested at this time of year to see what the best amendment is that could make next year’s crop even better.

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