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Can you install a wood burner in a shed?

Can you install a wood burner in a shed?

The simple answer is yes. Installing a heating system in your garden space is a smart idea, especially if you wish to spend many hours there throughout the winter months. 

A heating system in your shed is the perfect addition to make it cosy and suitable for relaxing all year round. These are perfect for office spaces, cabins, and summerhouses.

However, there are several things to consider before installing a log burner. 

Safety Regulations and Legal Requirements

If you're unsure of the proper installation and regulations for customising your shed with a wood burner, contacting a professional to assist you is beneficial. 

Depending on the size of your shed, you may need planning permission from your local council. Take a look at the regulations for wood-burning stoves.

But don’t worry; Atlas Sheds are here to assist. Here are the main things you need to consider: 

  1. Legal requirements: In the UK, you must adhere to the Building Regulations, specifically Approved Document J, which covers combustion appliances and fuel storage systems. Following this guideline will provide you with important details for a safe installation, maintenance tips, and precautions to follow.

  2. Flue and Chimney: Ensure your stove has a properly fitted and insulated flue. This should extend beyond the roof to disperse smoke and gases safely. The chimney height should be adequate to provide sufficient draft and prevent smoke from entering the shed.  

  3. Distance to Combustibles: The wood burner and flue pipe should be positioned at a safe distance from combustible materials, such as the shed walls and roof. A heat shield can be installed to reduce the necessary clearance.

  4. Professional Installation: If you are uncertain of the installation process, contact a professional to take care of the task. We recommended companies certified by HETAS for the best service.

  5. Insulation: It is important to insulate the shed floors, walls, and ceilings to retain heat inside your shed. Non-combustible materials must be used around and near the stove to prevent fire risk. This includes the hearth, which should be made of stone or tile and placed at a safe distance.

  6. Ventilation: Proper ventilation is vital for adequate oxygen supply to prevent a buildup of carbon monoxide within the space. Adding vents near the base of the shed will allow for sufficient oxygen. 

The cost of wood burner installation

The cost of purchasing and installing a wood burner for a shed depends on several factors. A breakdown of the costs is listed below:

  • Stove: Log burners can range from £300 to £2,000 or more depending on their brand, size, and features.
  • Flue and chimney system: Twin-wall flue systems, often required for installations outside of a house, can be more expensive. Expect to pay around £700 to £1,500 for a complete flue and chimney system.
  • Installation: Hiring a professional can cost anywhere from £500 to £1,000 or more, depending on the complexity of the installation, labour rates, and the location.
  • Hearth: The cost of this will depend on the size and material used. Expect to pay around £100 to £500 for a hearth.
  • Insulation and fireproofing: Depending on the materials used and the size of the shed, you might spend an additional £200 to £1,000 or more.
  • Additional materials: Materials, such as brackets, sealants and vents, may be required for the installation. The cost can range from £50 to £200 for this. 
  • Building regulation compliance: Inspection and certification fees may be required for building regulations. Costs can vary based on local requirements.

Key Considerations for creating a shed with a stove

It’s important to assess the space you’re working with to calculate what type of log burner you need and if the space can accommodate it.

We suggest measuring your shed to ensure there’s suitable space for safe installation, with adequate ventilation opportunities and heat-resistant materials.

There is a wide range of wood burners on the market that you can choose from. However, you will need to consider options that are small enough to be installed in a shed space and factor in its heat output and fuel efficiency.

If you own a shed from us or are considering buying one, take a look at our garden shed range to determine the type of stove you will need. 

Benefits of a shed with a stove 

Log burners are highly efficient and have a lower carbon output, meaning they are a more eco-friendly option. 

Installing a stove in your shed will create many benefits, such as a cosy space to escape the hustle and bustle of the outside world and relax in your garden.

Having a reliable heat source in your shed will mean that even when the winter starts to roll in, you can hang out in your outside office, art studio, or mini library without gaining a cold.

Everyone needs a safe space to hide away when their home gets too loud, or they’re yearning for some alone time. Atlas Sheds can provide you with that. Browse our website for a variety of garden sheds. Our summer houses are the perfect option for a log burner. 

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