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7 ideas for a whimsical fairy garden

7 ideas for a whimsical fairy garden

Are you looking for a creative DIY garden project for summer? Look no further; Atlas Sheds is here to inspire you. 

Fairy gardens are the hype of the summer, and they are sure to elevate your garden space, turning it into a fantasy realm overnight.

Whether you are creating it for yourself or your children, we have compiled a list of stunning ideas that are easy to achieve.

Choosing the perfect location

Choosing the perfect location is the best place to start for any garden project. You don’t want to plan the perfect idea only to realise you can't see it behind your garden shed.

To create an authentic fairy feel, place your DIY project in areas such as trees, the corner of your garden, inside plants, old wheelbarrows, or chairs. You want to place it somewhere secure but where it can be easily viewed by your children and guests.

Adding your new fairy setup around natural elements such as trees and plants will allow your children to improve their fine motor skills and explore nature. For adults, this with allow you to connect to your inner child, bringing some fun to your daily routine.

1. Fairy windows on tree trunks 

Adding windows to tree trunks transforms your trees into little fairy homes.

Fairy windows can be purchased online for as little as £2 a pack and can be located in most art and craft stores. Your children will believe that fairies reside inside your garden trees; you might even be able to convince yourself.

Fairy windows can be nailed onto trees and hung up with string. You could even paint the windows yellow to simulate the effect of night lamps inside the tree. 

2. Create a fairy village 

Fairy houses can be purchased online for affordable prices, or if you want a more hands-on project, you can buy the materials and make it from scratch. You’ll need some wood, fairy windows and doors, paint, miniature figures, glue, and miniature furniture.

If you want a simpler job, you can use old cardboard boxes or plastic containers to create the base for your house and add the finishing touches. You can even make it a family activity and get your children to help.

You can attach fairy houses to the corner of your garden, the bottom of trees, or hang them against your garden fence for some dimension. For an authentic village, add fairy shops, pathways, mushroom seats, and fairy wells.

3. A fairy arch 

An arch is the perfect entry into your fairy garden.

You can purchase a metal or wooden arch online and add leaves, flowers, butterflies, and fairy miniature figures to give it that whimsical look. If you have two trees close to each other, you could place the arch in the middle of them to create a portal to the fairy realm.

You could even make your own out of wood or twigs and glue or nail the pieces together in an arch shape to save money and have fun with the process.

4. Grow magical flowers and plants

The key to a perfect fairy garden is beautiful flowers and plants.

To create that magical look, vibrant flowers such as geranium, roses, bluebells, fuschia, and wisteria are a few stunning options to bring your garden to life.

Plants such as monstera, bonsai, bamboo orchid, licuala grandis, and croton mammy are great options to give your fairy garden some extra magic.

5. Stepping stones and pebbles

Adding stepping stones to your garden provides your space with character and gives the children a perfect place to play and pretend they’re hopping over a fairy pond. 

You could even set the stepping stones up to lead to the fairy arch or to a pond in your garden where you could add water lilies atop the water for that extra touch.

Adding paintings or carvings to your pebbles will help complete the look, and you could turn the process into a fun summer crafts activity for you and your family.

6. Fairy lights

Fairy lights are the perfect backyard fairy idea. Not only do they add some extra magic, but they are also perfect for lighting up the space for nighttime parties or gatherings in the summer.

You could buy mushroom lights, copper wire LED lights, or flower-patterned fairy lights to go all out on the decor.

Fairy lights can be hung on fences, wrapped around trees, or placed around your garden shed. There’s nothing better than twinkling lights in your fairy garden.

7. A real-life fairy library

If you have a talent for arts and crafts, you could create an outdoor library.

To do this, you could decorate an old small bookshelf with leaves, twigs, miniature fairy figures, mushrooms, glitter, and sheets of fake (or real) moss. Add your fairy reading space somewhere safe and secure in your backyard.

This could be a space under a blanket canopy, under the shade of trees to protect it from the elements, or inside your garden shed for a more cosy and hidden environment.

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