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How To Choose The Best Greenhouse

How To Choose The Best Greenhouse

Date Published: 15th October 2021

Whether you’re looking for something to fill your time in the summer or you’re interested in a new hobby, buying your first greenhouse can be a big decision. Selecting the best greenhouse for your garden and need is really important. The amount of space and money you have does not matter, you should be able to find a greenhouse that suits your needs no matter the size of your garden or budget. Below we have listed a few different reasons you might be looking for a greenhouse and some of the things to know to help you select the best greenhouse for you. 

The Best Greenhouses for Gardening 

If you will be gardening plants and flowers in your greenhouses you need to make sure that you’re keeping an eye on the temperature and humidity of the greenhouse. Selecting a greenhouse that has proper ventilation is key. Your greenhouse should have 10 square feet of ventilation for every 50 square feet. 

You should keep your greenhouse at the correct temperature for the plants and flowers you will be growing as each plant requires a different temperature and humidity level. You can buy a humidifier to help your greenhouse accommodate more exotic plants. 

The Best Greenhouses for Growing Fruit in the Winter 

Your greenhouse should not drop below 7°c in the wintertime, which is difficult with the typical United Kingdom weather. You can buy greenhouses with proper insulation to make sure your plants will not suffer during the winter months. 

Alternatively buying a greenhouse that is big enough to hold a heating system is a great way to keep your fruit from spoiling. You can pick from electric, gas and paraffin heating systems, each has its own advantages and disadvantages such as cost and size etc. 

The Best Greenhouses for Vegetables

Most vegetables require good watering schedules, specific temperatures and sunlight for maximum growth. You should explore greenhouses with watering systems if you think you will struggle to keep up with watering your vegetables regularly. It’s also a good idea to look at buying blinds and shading for your greenhouse to pretend your vegetables from being exposed to too much direct sunlight. 

Types of Potting Sheds 

When selecting a potting shed it’s important to remember the placement of your potting shed, it is a good idea to place the side with windows facing towards the sun to allow maximum natural sunlight into the room.

A lot of people also use potting sheds for a plant nursery, this is better than a lot of greenhouses as too much direct sunlight can damage a young plants growth. Facing the windows of your potting shed towards the sunlight will allow just enough sunlight into the potting shed for you to use as a nursery.

You can buy potting sheds in both wood and metal, you can choose either to match your greenhouse if you wish to as both are sustainable, strong and durable. With a wood potting shed you can choose the finish of your wood or you can paint it with the colour or design of your liking. 

Most potting sheds are flat-roofed with the windows facing one side, you can also buy potting sheds with a variety of roof types and several windows. Potting sheds are a great way to store gardening equipment to keep your greenhouse clutter-free. 


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