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How To Supply Electricity To A Garden Shed

How To Supply Electricity To A Garden Shed

Date Published: 10th September 2021

Looking to take your garden shed to the next level? Whether you’re looking to enhance your home office, create a man shed filled with entertainment or you’re simply looking to build a den, adding electricity to your shed can improve your outdoor space immensely. Here’s our guide on how to supply electricity to your garden shed.

Create A Plan 

When it comes to adding electricity to your shed, it’s important to plan out how you want the space to look. For example, if you’re adding mains power, where would you prefer your sockets to be? Do they need to be near a desk or television? Perhaps you own a garden workshop and need the electricity to power tools such as drills?  The best way to plan is by drawing up a mock of the walls, where you want your larger items of furniture to sit, as well as where you would like your mains sockets/electricity outlet to be. This is an ideal thing to do before discussing anything with an electrician and means you can raise interesting questions early in the setup.  

Hire A Professional 

Even if you consider yourself a handyman around the house, it’s best to talk with a professional before trying anything yourself. Not only is working with electricity extremely dangerous but it should also only be carried out by professionals who can install mains outdoors with experience. For more information on this, we suggest reading Section P of the Building Regulations, where it states that any outdoor electricity should be carried out by a registered electrician.  

How To Find The Right Electrician

When looking for the perfect tradesman for the job, ensure you’re not hiring a cowboy electrician. Make sure you check their consumer safety mark and ensure that they meet the right requirements for working with electricity, especially in the garden.  

Choosing The Right Shed  

If you haven’t yet decided on a shed, make sure you research the right shed for your needs before committing to just one. Looking for the perfect tool shed for your needs? Check out this storage cabin. It’s ideal in terms of size and offers windows for extra light. Perhaps you’re looking for something a bit roomier for your home office. Take a look at our large summer house option, which comes with even more windows and room to accommodate a desk should you need to.  

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