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6 colour ideas for your garden shed

6 colour ideas for your garden shed

If you’re tired of the natural wooden look of your shed, why not mix things up and get creative by painting your garden shed

Whether you're more of a cool-toned lover or you prefer a vibrant look, switching up the colour of your shed can transform your garden, adding personality and character. 

If you’re unsure of a colour to settle on, stick with Atlas Sheds for all the best ideas! Why not shop our website whilst you’re here?

The importance of choosing the right colour

The colour of your shed needs to blend well with the greenery in your garden, alongside furniture and decorative elements. 

This will help to create a cohesive look, enhancing the overall aesthetic of your outdoor space. However, if you wish to make your shed the centre of attention, painting it in a vibrant or bold colour will draw anyone’s attention to the structure. 

If you use your shed more in the summer, painting it in cool tones will dissipate the heat, keeping it cool throughout the hot summer months. 

Things to consider before choosing a colour

Before you jump into the colour scheme of your shed, there are a few things you need to consider for a well-incorporated space:

  • The surrounding landscape: Consider the colour of the flowers and plants that frequent your garden to find a colour that blends well. The design of your furniture or decor can also help you determine what colour shed will work best.
  • The shed’s purpose: The intended use, such as tool storage, workshop or relaxation area, may influence your choice. If you wish to use the shed frequently, a vibrant or bold colour will help it stand out. 
  • The material of the shed: The texture of the shed may affect the overall look, and older sheds may require primer or repairs before painting. Complete a colour test beforehand to determine the best way forward.
  • Your local weather: If you live in an area with lots of sun exposure, consider UV-resistant paint to prevent fading and opt for lighter colours to reflect the heat.

6 colour ideas for your garden shed

1. Classic blue

Blue is a timeless colour, offering a tranquil atmosphere to promote relaxation and peace. 

Painting your shed a light blue will add elegance and style. Pair this colour with white trimming or beige accents for a stunning finish.

2. Sage green

A muted green will blend seamlessly with your garden. 

This is perfect if you don’t want your shed to stand out too much or take away the attention from other decorative features.

Green provides a natural and calming environment for your garden, inviting more wildlife to stop by. This is ideal for pairing with cream or grey garden furniture.

3. Mustard yellow

Yellow promotes happiness, creating a warm and inviting space. 

Brighter colours can enhance positive moods, generating energy and uplifting your home. This is the perfect choice for active families who use the garden for activities and exercise. 

Pair your yellow shed with dark green or brown features and trimmings for an earthy look.

4. Dove grey

If you prefer more of a neutral look, then dove grey is the way to go.

This colour offers a sophisticated background for vibrant flowers and greenery, allowing the attention to shine on your beautiful gardening. 

A grey shed will avoid overwhelming the area if you already have a colourful garden. Combine this with white or pastel features for an extra touch.

5. Terracotta orange

Orange is a great choice for a warm and inviting space. 

Terracotta orange adds a rustic feel to your garden, perfect for those who prefer a bohemian look. This is ideal for a workshop or tool shed, uplifting energy levels and blending seamlessly with any potted plants in your garden.

Pair this colour with olive green or taupe for a natural look.

6. Lavender purple

For a beautiful, soft appearance, adorn your shed with a lovely shade of purple. 

This will add a gentle touch to your garden, perfect for reading and relaxation areas. If you want a pop of colour without overwhelming the space, this is a great choice for you.

For a unique touch, add white or soft pink accents and decor, creating a tranquil shed. 

Tips on painting your garden shed

Before you paint your shed, ensure you carry out any repairs and remove any dirt or mildew. Then, sand and prime the structure for better paint adhesion.

Choose high-quality paint brushes for a smoother finish, or opt for a spray painter for an even appearance. Apply at least two coats of paint for a durable and vibrant finish!

For extra protection and a glossy finish, add a finishing coat. If you want a more decorative look, use stencils for fun embellishments or paint a mural for a personal touch.

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