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5 cosy shed lighting ideas

5 cosy shed lighting ideas

Garden shed lighting is the perfect way to illuminate your outhouse for a cosy setting during the winter.

Shed lighting can transform a plain, dull shed into something magical. This is ideal for customers who use their shed during the night. Read on for our six cosy lighting ideas that are easy to install and bound to impress your guests. 

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1. Overhead lighting

Overhead lighting is perfect for those who use their shed frequently. This provides the whole shed with evenly dispersed light, perfect for workshops or office spaces. 

For this, pendant and LED panel lights will add a touch of modern sophistication to your shed. Mounted onto the ceiling, these will provide efficient illumination, perfect for activities which require bright lighting. 

For those who prefer an elegant touch, chandeliers will make your shed appear more glamorous. These can be used as a feature piece for your shed, placed in the centre or corner of the room. 

2. Fairy light canopy

Adding a fairy light canopy to your shed will convert it from plain and average to magical and enchanting. 

To do this, start by choosing between coloured or warm fairy lighting. For a cosy atmosphere, opt for warm or soft white bulbs. Then, decide where you want to hang your lights. You could station them on the ceiling, drape them down, or create patterns on the walls. 

For a more whimsical effect, add fabric or sheer curtains to your lights. This will create an enclosed canopy that can be used for reading or relaxing. 

3. Coloured lighting

Coloured lighting is the perfect way to infuse personality and vibrancy into your shed. 

LED strips or neon signs are a maximalist approach to coloured lighting. These add a pop of fun to your decor, and they can be placed on your walls, along the edge or in the centre for a more noticeable look. 

For those who want a more subtle look, coloured lampshades and filters are a simplistic alternative. This will project soft-coloured lighting in your shed for an inviting atmosphere. 

Colour filters can be placed over your light feature to change the hue of the light. For a calm and relaxed space, consider blue lighting. For an activity room, red lighting can invoke excitement and motivation.

4. Candle sconces

Candle sconces offer a charming and timeless atmosphere. 

You can choose between traditional, modern, rustic, and vintage sconces to suit your personal style and preferences. Each choice offers a unique touch and a safe approach to shed lighting. 

These can be placed on either side of the doorway for a grand entrance, hung on the wall next to decor, or used as task lighting above desks and work areas.

5. Vintage lanterns

If you love the interior design of the Victorian and Art Deco ages, then vintage lanterns are the perfect option. 

Choose between hurricane lanterns with glass chimneys and metal frames, rustic lanterns with distressed finishes, colonial lanterns with copper finishes, and many more!

These can be placed inside your shed for an ambient space or outside for an inviting garden. Consider placing the lanterns on shelves, hooks, or tables to create a warm atmosphere. 

Patinaed metals, aged bronze, or distressed white lanterns are ideal for adding a vintage charm.

Choose atlas sheds for your garden shed

With these five shed lighting ideas, you need the perfect shed to go with it. At Atlas, we have expertise in high-quality, durable sheds. 

From summer houses to bin storage, you can find your dream shed with us. Browse our products or contact us today for more information. 

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