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Your Guide to Converting a Garden Shed into a Salon

Your Guide to Converting a Garden Shed into a Salon

Transform your work-from-home experience with a garden salon. This is the ideal conversion idea for nail techs, hairdressers, and makeup artists alike. 

Your workspace sets the mood for your business, and having a professional space to carry out your appointments at home will make all the difference. If you’re unsure where to start, don’t fret; Atlas Sheds will guide you through the process. 

Browse our range of summer houses for the ideal shed salon, with plenty of space and open light to carry out your tasks. 

Assess Your Space

To convert your old shed into a new salon, you must assess how much space you have to work with. 

To do this, you need to:

1. Dimensions and Layout

Measure the dimensions of your shed with a measuring tape. Measure the wall-to-wall length and the height of your shed, and use graph paper to plot the measurements. 

Include any doorways, windows, and alcoves for accuracy. 

2. Structural Integrity

Ensure your shed is stable and installed efficiently to prevent toppling or damage. The floor must be stable enough to bear heavy loads and frequent traffic. 

Check for cracks, signs of water damage, and uneven ground. 

3. Legal and Zoning Considerations

Different areas have various building regulations, so check yours before starting any construction is best. 

You will need planning permission for significant structural changes, extensions, or converting to a commercial building. 

4. Accessibility for Clients

When starting a business, you must have enough space to move around and house your products and equipment. 

Ensure that you include wide doors for wheelchairs and easy access for all clients.

5. Utility Connections and Requirements

You must fit an electrical system in your shed to power appliances such as hairdryers, styling tools, and lighting fixtures. Read our blog on supplying electricity to a garden shed for a how-to guide. 

You will also need to connect to a water supply and drainage system to your shed.

Designing Your Salon

When converting a shed into a salon, most of your time will be spent creating a design and layout for your new structure. 

To begin, establish a theme for your shed. Whether you prefer a modern elegance or a rustic charm, this will lay the foundation for everything else in your salon. 

Colour psychology is especially important. Softer colours such as light blues, pinks, and greens promote relaxation and ease anxiety, which is ideal for a salon. 

The lighting fixture you decide on also plays a huge part in the efficiency of your salon. It’s best to use cool task lighting to enhance visibility and productivity when completing client appointments. Use a mix of spotlights and pendant lights for adequate illumination.

When choosing your furniture, you want to opt for ergonomic seating that will keep your clients comfortable during long appointments. If you can, include accessible furniture that caters to clients with mobility issues. 

Storage solutions and decor are the finishing elements of a well-decorated salon. Consider inserting cupboards, floating shelves, and cabinets to organise your products and tools. You could add artwork and ornaments to the walls for a personal touch.

Essential Equipment and Utilities

A range of equipment and utilities are essential for every salon. If you don’t have enough room for every feature, choose the ones more beneficial for your business. 

Here is a checklist to help you get started: 

  • Hairdressing chairs and stations
  • Hair washing stations and care products
  • Nail desk and products 
  • Makeup chair and vanity
  • Makeup products 
  • Reception desk
  • Waiting area
  • Bathroom
  • Mirrors

Insulation and Ventilation

Now that you have your design and utilities taken care of, you need to consider ventilation and insulation for your salon. 

Ventilation is crucial for any building, especially one exposed to constant chemicals and fumes. For natural ventilation, install windows and skylights with an opening mechanism for constant fresh air.

Aside from this, your garden salon will need to be well-insulated. This is important for keeping a comfortable temperature in the salon for both yourself and your clients. 

Efficient insulation will also increase energy efficiency and block out outside noise. Ensure that all gaps and cracks are closed, and consider materials, such as fibreglass, foam board, or spray foam, for a well-insulated salon.

Adhering to these tips is important to avoid mould growth, stale air, and condensation. 

Choose Atlas Sheds for Your Garden Salon

Now that self-employment and working from home are on the rise, having an area to complete your work is crucial. 

If you’re in the beauty industry, a garden salon can take your career to the next level. Browse our studio sheds today, such as our Studio Plus Model C shed, to launch the business of your dreams. 

For professional advice or product information, contact our team today. 

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