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5 Tips For Creating The Perfect Garden Bedroom

5 Tips For Creating The Perfect Garden Bedroom

Date Published: March 20th, 2020

Whether you’re creating a garden bedroom for a family member, for guests, or for yourself in the summer months, the added outdoor space can be a complete haven. Below are some of our tips for creating a stunning garden bedroom.

Finding the right space and style

Before you jump in at the deep end and buy something far too large for your garden, consider how large you’d like your garden bedroom to be. Consider its placement, the style and where you’d like it to sit. Do you want something with windows? A high roof? Or would you prefer more of a den that you can make your own. Next, measure out roughly which size you’d like your bedroom to be and take a look at the options available for you. We offer a range of sheds on our website that would work as a garden bedroom, including our Garden Room Apex shed with its airy doors and windows, and our Tanalised Garden Studio, which is perfect for that extra space. Alternatively, why not take a look at our Wooden Summerhouse, which comes with its own verandah and double French doors.

Look at current trends

When you’ve picked out your ideal building, you should start looking at the current bedroom trends and how you’d like your room to look. Do you want something light and airy? Or would you prefer something that makes more of a statement? Do you want it to be a place where you can work as well as relax? It’s important to consider these things as you may need to run electrical outlets in the building. If so, make sure you also look into potential safety and fire hazard issues.

Choose the right materials for decor

Another important issue that’s worth looking into is the materials that you use for your garden bedroom. Unless you’re building a solid structure in your garden with building materials and planning permission, you’ll need to choose fabrics and items of furniture that won’t perish in certain weather conditions. You don’t want to choose bedding that gets damp easily, and you don’t want materials that can fester mould in the winter months. Look into choosing fabrics that are somewhat weatherproof but also great for your overall aesthetic.

Think outside the box

When it comes to garden bedrooms, thinking outside the box is ideal. In most circumstances, you can’t treat the space as a normal bedroom. You need to maximise the space by choosing small furniture options such as pull out beds and desks. Adding in a work section will also mean having to organise your items in a way that is easily accessible. Making a floor plan of your garden room is also a really good idea to help you visualise what the room is going to look like.

Eliminate drafts

This might not seem like an important tip, but it’s extremely helpful in the colder months. Ensure that all drafts are covered with either draft excluders or other materials. This not only stops the cold but can help to prevent creepy crawlies from entering your garden bedroom.

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