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6 Garden Storage Ideas

6 Garden Storage Ideas

Date Published: May 13th, 2020

Is your garden cluttered? Perhaps you have tools or equipment lying around that you really need to tidy up. Below are some amazing garden storage ideas to help you completely revitalise your garden and give it a fresh new look this summer.

Budget Sheds

Starting from £159, our budget garden sheds are ideal for anyone looking to update their outdoor space on a budget. These handy sheds are able to hold tools, bikes and large items such as lawnmowers with ease. They’re also super easy to install and will last you for years to come. Our Apex 1 model is one of our most popular budget sheds and comes with OSB cladding to ensure weather resistance.

Budget Range Garden Shed - Apex I

Budget Range Garden Shed - Apex I | Price: £159

Log Stores

Log stores are ideal for those who own wood burners and don’t want excess logs cluttering their garden. Log stores with Atlas Sheds start at just £199 and are designed to accommodate for kindling should you need it. Our budget option comes in the form of our Pressure Treated Tongue and Groove Log Store.

5x2 Pressure Treated Tongue & Groove Log Store

5x2 Pressure Treated Tongue & Groove Log Store | Price: £199

Bike Sheds

Bikes are usually left in gardens overnight due to mess or mud they can drag through the home. Purchasing a bike shed not only ensures their safety but means that your garden will look a lot neater. We offer a range of bike sheds in a number of sizes and styles to suit your needs. Whether you’re looking for something small or something bigger to accommodate bikes for the whole family, we have you covered. Check out our bike shed range for more details.

Potting Sheds

Potting sheds are an amazing alternative to greenhouses and ensure that no clutter is left in the garden. They’re also great for keeping saplings out of harsh weather conditions and placing budding plants in warm dark spaces in order for them to grow correctly. Our wooden potting shed comes with an extra shelf already instaled, giving you the space you need, alongside plenty of light to aid in propagating your plants.

Wooden Potting Shed

Wooden Potting Shed | Price: £549

Tool Sheds

Adding a tool shed to your garden not only helps with clutter outside but any clutter you may have inside the house. This shed is ideal if you don’t have a designated tool space, and our tool shed options come in a range of sizes and roof styles in order to fit your garden decor perfectly.

Workshop Sheds

Looking for something beyond a tool shed that can house larger items? A workshop shed is a perfect option for you. Our workshop sheds start at just £239 and can accommodate tools, large landscaping items and space for you to work in. Check out our workshop shed range and find the perfect option for your garden today.

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