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5 Shed Ideas for Small Gardens

5 Shed Ideas for Small Gardens

Do you have a small-scale garden? Perhaps you have previously ruled out purchasing a shed because you can’t imagine where to put it. Maybe you don’t know what to use it for or how to make the most of your area. Well, Atlas Sheds are here to help you get creative. 

We will give you five shed ideas for small gardens, tell you how to make the most of a tight space and give you some inspiration for what purpose your shed could have. For all this and more, stick with Atlas Shed for further details! 

If you are interested in purchasing a shed for your compact garden, check out Atlas Shed's range of garden sheds and summer houses. It’s never too late to create your ideal, bespoke outdoor area! 

  1. Choose a Narrow Shed!

What if you don’t have the width to accommodate a shed? While this may sound like a strange suggestion, why not build upwards? Instead of covering the much-needed floor space in your closely-packed garden, take up space in the air! 

It’s important to remember that there are more options on the market than the traditional, windowless wooden shed. In a narrow shed, you could have an all-glass door and a skylight to create a mini-greenhouse for plants. 

Simply stack some shelves and give your plants a new place to call home. The possibilities are endless! 

  1. Extend your Existing Shed

If you have a small garden, you have likely chosen a more compact shed than conventional models. These can be great, but if you are looking to expand your space without overwhelming your garden, you’ll need to extend it cleverly.

Using a flat-roof canopy, you could create a small, sheltered area within your garden without blocking your field of view. An extra outdoor space where you can shelter from the rain would be a great addition to your garden without the expense of buying another structure. 

You could use this area to admire nature, as a place for your children to play or as somewhere to tend to your potted plants. Whatever you decide, a flat-roof canopy is an ingenious way to extend your shed without losing more surface area.

  1. Create a Garden Bar!

The great thing about this idea is that it can be used for different purposes, depending on the season. A tall, relatively narrow shed with a wide, open panel could double as a snug bar: the ultimate way to spice up your garden parties or birthday gatherings. 

During the summer months, you could place chairs outside your bar, creating a meeting area for your friends and family to mingle. When you begin to take drinks inside during the cold winter evenings, your garden bar can double as a storage space! 

Inside, you can place any outdoor couch cushions, rugs or ornaments you don’t want to be damaged by mist, rain or snow. 

  1. Make Use of Every Side

If you are simply looking to make the most of a compact shed, there are many ways you can maximise your usage: this is particularly true if your shed has horizontal wooden planks. 

You might’ve thought about how to maximise the interior of your shed, but what about its exterior? There are plenty of ways you can give your shed more purpose. 

For example, turn the sides of your shed into a mini garden of its own! Hang your plants vertically, lining some underneath and creating a unique foliage area. 

If another side of your shed is bare and exposed, you could use it to hang garden tools out of harm's way. Keep your pets and children safe by using the sides of your garden shed to your advantage.

  1. Squeeze in a Shallow Tool Shed

So, you are seriously in need of garden floor space, and you cannot possibly afford to take up any more. But, you are equally in need of an area to store your garden tools. What solutions are available? 

You could choose a narrow shed that stands beautifully against any garden wall or fence. Although depth is sacrificed for floor space, you can select a tall shed to increase storage even further. 

A shed with adjustable shelves would help you better customise your storage area. You can accommodate different tools and move things around when you add them to your collection.

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