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5 Garden Gym Shed Ideas

5 Garden Gym Shed Ideas

Are you thinking about purchasing a gym shed? 

Garden gym sheds are perfect for avoiding cold morning walks, saving you long-term cash and becoming the home sanctuary you never knew you needed. 

But you may be hesitant to sign off on the perfect shed because you’re unsure how to make it your own. 

Today, Atlas Sheds will tell you five gym shed ideas to transform your space on a budget. 

If you’re still struggling to choose a gym shed for your garden, Atlas Sheds has a range of wooden garden sheds ready for you to decorate. Start your fitness journey the right way: on your terms, in your own garden gym shed. 

How to turn a shed into a gym:

At Atlas Sheds, we take great care to make home gym sheds structurally safe, durable and warm. 

You can purchase one of our spacious wooden sheds with tongue and groove cladding if you want superior-grade weather protection.

Or you can choose a large model with floor-length, toughened-glass windows. Simply install blinds or curtains for that extra dose of privacy.

Whatever model you choose, Atlas Sheds will ensure your home gym is a secure, modern addition to your garden. 

1. Add mirrors!

No home gym would be complete without full-length mirrors. 

While lifting weights or doing yoga, you must ensure your form and posture are correct. 

Mirrors with a clear view of your exercise area can prevent you from injuring yourself and stop you from bumping into things. 

Mirrors are also a sort of optical illusion. If you put a long mirror in your home gym shed, the brain will perceive it as having more space to move around: this is perfect if you only have room for a smaller gym shed in your garden. 

We understand that buying often, buying a home gym shed is not a small investment. 

That’s why we encourage you to shop second-hand: you can find pre-loved mirrors in charity shops and online. Spend some time finding a high-quality mirror that you can make your own! 

2. Add Inspirational Wall Art!

Sometimes, you need that extra motivational push to get you through a hard workout. What better way to do it than with inspirational wall art?

You can buy wall art prints from online or independent retailers, ones with frames or without! Again, you can find beautiful, bespoke frames for your wall art in second-hand or charity shops. 

Simply take a hammer and nail, locate where you want to position your wall art and get started! 

Choose some quotes or pictures that remind you why you invested in a home gym shed in the first place! 

3. Brighten with Lighting!

You will be surprised by the impact lighting has on your garden gym shed. If you’re looking for cost-effective, energy-efficient lights, go with LED Strip Lights. 

Available to purchase at local electrical retailers, LED Strip Lights are cheap and can be made for the specific measurements of your home gym. 

They are long-lasting and battery-powered, meaning you can race through your sessions without worrying about changing them. 

4. Purchase Cushioned Flooring

The floors of our wooden garden sheds are sturdy, high-quality and can withstand your jumping jack cardio routine for years to come. However, they will provide little comfort for your joints.

Take care of your knees, ankles and otherwise with cushioned floor support. 

Head to your local sports retailer and search for heavy-duty rubber mats. These will work great for any weightlifting area and ensure your body stays protected from high-impact workouts. 

Or, if you’re interested in more ground-based exercises, like yoga, a yoga mat will provide a soft but stable base for you to work off.

5. Add Storage / Shelving / Tables

In your garden gym shed, you’ll require surfaces for your equipment and workout essentials, like hydration and snacks. 

You’ll also need storage space for resistance bands, skipping ropes, yoga blocks or foam rollers. 

Otherwise, you may find your garden gym shed becomes cluttered and unmanageable. Head to your local homeware and furnishing store to pick up high-quality shelves for light-weight gym equipment. 

Purchase a shelf with hooks to dangle your resistance bands off, or use shelving to prop up a BlueTooth speaker, plant or clock you’ve used to decorate your garden gym shed.

Add small bedside tables to your second-hand shopping list because they’ll make an excellent, convenient stand for your hydration bottles and snacks. 

Choose Atlas Sheds for your garden gym shed!

We hope you’re ready to take the leap and purchase your perfect garden gym shed. When you shop with Atlas Sheds, you’re investing in long-term quality made to withstand all seasons. 

Check out our range of wooden garden sheds and get started on your fitness and interior design journey!

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