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Garden Shed Accessories - 10 Ways to Enhance Your Shed

Garden Shed Accessories - 10 Ways to Enhance Your Shed

Date Published: October 21st, 2019

Whether your shed is simply for storage or a mini garden getaway, there are plenty of ways to enhance it. Don’t just leave it in the corner of your backyard and forget about it until you need it. Transform your garden shed into a new statement feature with these tips.

Add Some Colour

Colourful garden shed

The fastest way to spruce up a garden shed is to repaint it. If you prefer a more natural look, you can simply clean it and top up the varnish. You can also revitalise a wooden shed with a wood stain, which does the double job of providing both protection and colour. If you would rather have a shed that blends in with the garden, paint it a darker colour. Or be fearless and paint it a bright colour if you want it to stand out and become the focal point of your garden. If you use your shed as a space for work or relaxation, you can also paint the inside.

Smart Storage

Shed storage solutions

The primary purpose of garden sheds is storage, which unfortunately means that sheds end up full of clutter. You can avoid this and make more space in your shed by being smart about storage. Make more room on the floor by hanging tools and equipment on the walls, whether on racks, pegboards, or floating shelves. If the shed walls are not sturdy enough to take the weight, then go for floor-standing shelving which you can use to line the walls. If you want to be more environmentally friendly, you could repurpose old furniture for storage in your shed.

Invest in Insulation

Unless you only use your garden shed as a summer house, you are likely to need to work in there at all times of year and in all types of weather. If this is the case, then investing in thermal insulation will make the shed more comfortable to spend time in. It will also make it more energy efficient. It is typically best to install insulation when the shed is first being built, but you can add insulation measures at any time. Your shed has to be well-maintained, dry and waterproof, with no gaps or draughts, in order for you to be able to insulate successfully.

Roofing and Guttering

rain running off shed roof

The roof is a crucial feature of a shed for practical reasons, but it can also be a decorative feature. Most garden sheds have layers of roofing felt to keep them securely dry. One way to both improve the functionality of the roof and its appearance is to add layers of other materials, such as shingles. You can use natural-looking shingles or coloured shingles to create the aesthetic that you prefer, as with the choice of paint colours. If your shed doesn’t have guttering around the roof, installing this can deflect water from the walls to prevent rot.

Fix Up the Floor

Even if you have not anchored your shed on a concrete foundation slab, it needs to be on a stable base slightly raised off the ground. You could secure your shed with a timber floor as a substitute. The floor itself needs to be treated to prevent it from getting damp and rotting. If it has been a while since you got your shed, then you might consider upgrading the floor. Once it is stable and sealed, you could paint it another colour or decorate with a mat or rug. This will also help to insulate the shed and make it a cosier place to spend time in.

Maximise Windows & Doors

garden shed with windows and a door

This will make the shed appear more welcoming and let in more light. If the windows open, they will also help with ventilation. Decorative window frames and window boxes for plants brighten up the outside, while curtains can add warmth to the inside of the shed.

Running Power to a Shed

Transforming a shed from backyard storage to an extension of your home can be as simple as running power to it. An electricity supply can power light fittings and appliances to allow you to work or entertain your guests there. Whether you want a peaceful workshop for DIY or crafts, a get-together space for parties, an outlet for the lawn-mower or a charging station for your power tools, having power in the shed opens many more possibilities. Just remember to hire an electrician to do it for you.

Let There Be Light

If you really want to create a charming outdoor space, extra lights are the way to go. You can string fairy lights around the inside and outside. You could go for solar-powered outdoor lights (especially if you use solar panels to power your shed) or battery-powered lights coiled in jars as magical-looking lamps. Lights are a great way to brighten up the garden shed as well as the whole garden.

Decorative Shed Accessories

Garden shed accessories

Aside from the basics, such as painting, another way to enhance a garden shed is to dress it up with decorative shed accessories. Add soft furnishings to chairs, tables, windows, or even workbenches to create a comfortable environment. Little touches like a weather vane on the roof, a birdhouse or bird feeder on the wall, or garden sculptures beside the door can make a shed look grander and feel more homely at the same time. When it comes to decor, select a colour scheme and interior design style to stick with as you personalise your shed space.

Shed Security

Although you should avoid keeping valuables in garden sheds, many people do store things that have a lot of financial value. To reduce the risk of items getting damaged or stolen, enhance the security of your shed with security lights and an alarm system. The doors and any windows that open should also have locks to prevent unauthorised entry. Safety and security are just as important as style.

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