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5 of the Best Wooden Playhouses for Children

5 of the Best Wooden Playhouses for Children

Date Published: February 20th, 2020

Families who have larger back gardens might want to install a traditional wooden playhouse so that their children can enjoy playing outdoors in their own space. A classic wooden wendy house provides a personal play space for younger children and will encourage them to spend time outside. Here are 5 of the best wooden playhouses that are available from Atlas Sheds.

Small Wooden Playhouse

Finding the best wooden playhouse doesn’t mean you have to look for something huge and extremely decorative. This simple small wooden playhouse is affordable with a robust frame and details such as two cottage windows and antique-style roof trim.

The smallest size is 4 feet tall at the eaves are 5 feet tall at the apex, ideal for children of most ages to play in safely. It is the perfect blank canvas for their imagination, especially if you furnish the inside and store some of their toys in there. You can even decorate the playhouse to personalise it by painting it in their favourite colours.

Wooden Play House

Wooden Play House - Price: £269

Two Storey Wooden Playhouse

A multi-level den is a better option if several children will be using it, to allow for the creation and division of multiple play spaces inside the playhouse. This two-storey wooden playhouse features an upstairs and downstairs window so that each level has a light source and a view into the garden.

The short internal ladder allows children to access the upstairs section. In the downstairs space underneath, you can create a comfy area with cuddly toys and books for children to hang out and read when they are tired of playing outside and need a lie-down.

Forest Den - 2 Story Wooden Playhouse

Forest Den - 2 Story Wooden Playhouse - Price: £359

Raised Wooden Playhouse

What’s more exciting for a child than a wooden playhouse? A wooden playhouse on stilts. If you have the space in your garden, you could install a raised tower playhouse with a ladder to climb up and an 8-foot slide to get back down the fun way.

There is a veranda area which has railings for safety when children are playing up there. The space underneath the raised wooden playhouse is great for storing the children’s bicycles or installing another play area such as a sandpit for an extra level of fun. The design is robust enough to withstand energetic play.

The Play House Tower with Slide

The Play House Tower with Slide - Price: £699

Playhouse with Veranda

This Forest Lodge large wooden playhouse is safely on the ground but has a more elevated appearance due to the stylish 2-foot veranda at the front. Inside this luxury wooden cabin for children, there is a spacious ground floor and a smaller upper level accessible via ladder.

It is well-lit with seven windows, including one in the door, all glazed with child-safe clear styrene. There is plenty of room for all kinds of play, toys, and furniture. Although it costs more for the extra space, a child’s happiness is priceless, and this playhouse can be a dream come true.

Forest Lodge Verandah - Wooden Playhouse

Forest Lodge Verandah - Wooden Playhouse - Price: £799

Wooden Playhouse and Slide

The pinnacle of wooden playhouses must be a large wooden playhouse with a slide, raised on stilts. This Rose Tower playhouse might not be a wooden playhouse with upstairs levels, but the entire playhouse itself is an upstairs level.

There is even more space along the veranda for children to play outside the raised wendy house as well as inside, and more space under it for storage or extra play areas too. This playhouse is very durable due to its super-strong framing.

The Rose Tower Wooden Playhouse

The Rose Tower Wooden Playhouse - Price: £999

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