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5 Ideas For Inside Your Garden Summer House

5 Ideas For Inside Your Garden Summer House

The sun is shining, the birds are singing, and all you want to do is spend time in a beautiful garden and soak up the sun's rays on your weekend off. 

With Atlas Sheds, we can make this dream a reality. Our summer houses are the perfect option for a bright, open area to lounge in until your heart is content. 

Now that you’ve decided that a summer house is exactly what you need, browse our ideas to make the most of your new addition.

Why you should transform your summer house

Whether you’re installing a new summer house or converting your old shed into the perfect summer area, this will add character and beauty to your garden. A well-designed shed will also add to the value of your property. 

A summer house is the perfect spot to unwind and make the most of the stunning weather. With big open windows, decking options and stunning double doors, once you enter, you won’t want to leave!

Instead of adding a basic seating area, add an area that’s missing from your home and transform it into the perfect space that meets your every desire.

Fun Ideas for Your Garden Summer House

There are so many ways you can upgrade your garden shed at an affordable price, turning it into a magical hideout just for you. A well-designed shed will also increase the value of your property. It’s a win-win!

A bohemian Retreat

Let your creativity run wild and design your summer house with rich colours, pretty ornaments, stunning rugs, fairy lights, and fun seating arrangements.

This is the perfect idea for a relaxation area away from the hustle and bustle of your home. Not only will you have a beautiful room to lounge in, but the decorating process can also be very therapeutic. 

The artistic aspects of a bohemian hideout may spark the creativity within you. Add a notebook and a craft box to your shed for writing and design activities. 

Mini Library

Whether you’re a book nerd or enjoy the occasional read, a mini library is the perfect spot to escape the outside world and immerse yourself in new realms of magic, love, and adventure.

Add some bookshelves and cosy seating such as beanbags or armchairs. You can also add a coffee table to place your coffee or tea on and purchase a bright lamp for late-night reading. 

Art Studio

Are you a creative person with nowhere to apply your skills? An art studio in your garden is the perfect place to let your creative juices flow and spend time doing what you love.

If you’re a painter, add a painting easel, brush and paint supplies to your shed. You could even add a crafts table with a sewing machine and a stack of sewing materials.

Adding paintings and bright lights to the space will fill you with inspiration and create an efficient work environment.

Cinema Room

Who said you could only experience the joy of the cinema outside the house?

With a back garden cinema in your outhouse, you can enjoy the atmosphere of the cinema anytime from home!

For this, purchasing a bigger shed, such as our studio plus summer house, may be beneficial for extra seating arrangements and electrical appliances, such as a TV or projector. 

Add movie posters, a popcorn machine and a snack bar for that cinema feel.

Outdoor Dining

During summertime, barbecues and garden parties are in full swing. No one wants to sit in a stuffy house whilst the sun is beaming.

Why not create a dining area in your outhouse? Adding a table and comfy seats to wine and dine in with all your friends and family. You could opt for a tanalised studio with plenty of windows for bright lighting or a smaller garden room with double doors that can open to let in the cool breeze.

You could also add a mini fridge for extra refreshments and adorn the space with your favourite decor.

Choose Atlas Sheds for your summer house!

Upgrade your garden today and purchase your new summer outhouse from us at amazing prices.
At Atlas Sheds, we want the best for you! With so many sheds to choose from, browse our website or contact us for professional support and advice.

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