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Smart ways to disguise your garden shed

Smart ways to disguise your garden shed

Have you recently purchased a shed that isn’t too appealing? Maybe you like the appearance of it, but you wish to blend it more with your greenery. 

If so, Atlas Sheds has mustered up some brilliant ideas to disguise your shed with your garden.

But before you read on, take a look at our wide range of garden sheds, created with convenience and aesthetic considerations in mind. 

The benefits of disguising your garden shed

If you love the look of greenery and embracing nature in your home, you may not wish for disruption to the natural beauty of your garden.

Through creative disguising methods, homeowners can enjoy the benefits of extra storage without having to sacrifice their preferences and personal style. 

Disguising your shed can also help protect it from theft and vandalism, as it is hidden from sight, and your stored items and goods aren’t on display. 

You can also increase your property value by contributing time and effort to make your shed look aesthetically pleasing. This can make a huge selling point and encourage buyers to choose your home. 

5 smart ways to disguise your garden shed

There are many ways that you can blend your shed in with your garden for a harmonious look. 

Utilising plants

Adding plants around your shed is a great way to blend it in with the nature in your garden. 

Climbing plants such as ivy or vines will add a cloaking effect to your shed, providing a beautiful green facade. 

Plant hedging can also create a cocoon effect around the structure, obscuring it from view. 

Paint and decoration

Painting your shed in shades of green and brown will help to disguise it within the surrounding greenery. 

Try incorporating patterns and textures that mimic nature's elements, such as leaves, pressed flowers, and bark.

If you’re a creative person, you may enjoy painting a mural on your shed, adding trees, water features, birds, and other nature themes for a stunning finish. 

Structural alterations

Don’t forget to focus on the roof when disguising your garden shed!

Implement a green or brown roof for a woodsy effect. You can even create a vegetation patch on top of the shed, adding low-maintenance vegetation for efficiency and ease. 

Add stained glass windows or mirrored window panels to help blend the shed in with your garden.

Trellis and fencing

For beauty and vibrancy, add flowering vines to a trellis against your shed. This will conceal the walls of your shed whilst adding pretty elements to your garden.

You could even add fencing around your shed to conceal the area, considering materials like bamboo and wood for a natural and durable look.

This will create a secret hidden spot, adding a doorway or arch you can walk through for a unique touch.

Water features

Installing a water feature such as a fountain, pond, or waterfall wall will mask your shed whilst adding a beautiful element to your outdoor space.

A pond will divert attention away from your shed whilst providing a habitat for aquatic life and garden visitors. 

Tips for maintaining the disguise

To keep your garden in tip-top shape, regularly maintain your plants and shrubbery. This includes trimming them, replacing soil, and ensuring they get enough water and sunlight throughout the year. 

Use organic pest control methods, such as neem oil or insecticidal soap to keep pets at bay without harming them or the surrounding wildlife. 

To adapt your garden to the changing seasons, carry out spring and autumn cleanups. 

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