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8 Efficient Shelving Ideas for Your Shed

8 Efficient Shelving Ideas for Your Shed

If you’ve recently purchased a new garden shed or looking for new ways to organise the cluttered mess that’s gaining dust at the bottom of your garden, Atlas Sheds are here to help.

Shed shelving is ideal for those who use their shed for storage or want to add elements of decor to their outside relaxation area. 

This is also ideal for work offices or art studios to keep your supplies neat and easily accessible. Read on to discover 8 great ways to organise your garden shed. 

1. Adjustable Wall-mounted Shelving

Adjustable wall-mounted shelving consists of metal tracks that are fixed vertically to the walls of your shed. 

These have a range of slots that can be inserted at various heights for a customised appearance. This allows you to have a clutter-free floor, storing plant pots, tools, seasonal decor and more. 

If you need to store heavy items, this is the perfect choice. 

2. Corner Shelving Units

Placing a shelving unit in the corner of your shed is the perfect way to use the forgotten space and enhance your storage.

This is particularly beneficial in smaller sheds where efficient space is crucial. These slot snugly into the corner and are often made of durable materials like wood, plastic, and metal. 

With this, you could create a plant station and store books and garden supplies. You can choose between purchasing a pre-built unit or customising it for a perfect fit.

3. Fold-down Workbench with Shelving

This is a multifunctional solution for those who wish to use their shed for various purposes. 

A fold-down workbench serves as a worktop for any construction or woodwork whilst providing storage for your tools. This is ideal for small sheds or those who need to maximise their space. 

This is often made from sturdy, durable materials, and you could add a pegboard backing or shelving system above for additional storage.

4. Recycled Pallet Shelving

Recycled pallet shelving is a sustainable and eco-friendly alternative to traditional shelving. 

For this, you can repurpose old wooden pallets for sturdy shelving design. This is ideal for those who prefer a rustic or natural interior. Pallets can be obtained for free from warehouses or businesses. 

Choose wooden pallets which are free from damage and have no chemical treatments. These can be placed on the floor, mounted on walls, or hung from the ceiling of your shed. Customise with paint or vanishes for a personal touch.

5. Freestanding Metal Shelving Units

This is a versatile solution for shed storage. Freestanding metal shelves are designed to withstand heavy loads, and they’re made from durable metals such as steel and aluminium.

If you’d prefer an easier alternative to mounted shelves with quicker installation, this is the right choice for you. Depending on your preferences, you can purchase various types, including wire racks, industrial units, and solid metal shelves. 

Consider using rubber anchors if your shed floor is uneven, and add hooks add the sides of the units for additional storage. This is ideal for storing heavier items that may damage a mounted shelf.

6. Hanging Bins for Small Items

Hanging bins are an innovative and efficient approach to shed organisation.

These can be hung from walls, shelves, and pegboards, and they maximise floor space for different tasks. Hanging bins are especially ideal for storing tools, gardening accessories, plants, decor, etc. 

These are made from durable materials, providing a clear view of your items for easy location. Label each bin for additional ease.

7. Ladder Shelving for Plants

If you have an old ladder lying about, this is the perfect time to put it to use.

Choose a sturdy ladder that can bear the weight of multiple hanging plants. This is the perfect option for gardeners or those who want to add a rustic charm to their shed.

You can lean the ladder against the wall or secure it for a more stable structure. Add wooden planks or boards across the rungs for shelving, perfect for potted plants and tools.

8. Magnetic Tool Strip

Magnetic tool strips are a sleek, modern approach to shed storage. 

This magnetised bar can be attached to the wall to hold metal tools in place. This benefits those with a wood shed or who need easy access to their tools.

The installation process is fairly simple, only requiring screws or wall plugs. Magnetic strips clear up drawer space and prevent your equipment from getting lost or broken.

Choose Atlas Sheds for Your New Garden Purchase

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With free installation and delivery across Merseyside, Lancashire, Cheshire, and Greater Manchester, you will have your shed set up and ready to go in no time!

If you’re looking for a guide to installing any of the shelves mentioned above, look at Wikihow's shelving collection for simple step-by-step guides.

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