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6 Ways to Deter Foxes from Your Garden

6 Ways to Deter Foxes from Your Garden

When you’ve worked so hard on creating a beautiful garden for yourself, you want to make sure it’s not ruined by outside forces. 

Foxes are one of the main culprits of destroying gardens. These nocturnal visitors may cause havoc by rummaging through garbage and digging up flower beds, disrupting the peace. 

However, Atlas Sheds have listed the best strategies to help you overcome your fox problem. Read on to learn how to deter foxes from your garden. 

1. Remove Food Sources

Foxes are always on the hunt for a snack, so it’s best to ensure all bins are completely sealed or tucked away into a storage shed to prevent toppling over.

For those with fruit trees or vegetation in their garden, clean up any fallen fruit and use a compost bin for any compost. 

While it might be tempting, avoid feeding your fox visitors, as this will keep them coming back.

2. Install Motion-Sensor Lights

Motion sensor lights are a great functional feature to have in your garden. 

This can detect animal intruders and even double as a safety feature to deter intruders. These lights can startle the fox, making them flee your garden. 

Place these lights in strategic areas, such as fences, gates, and near sheds, to ensure they’re well-illuminated to deter any foxes.

3. Use Strong-Smelling Substances

Foxes have a strong sense of smell, and certain smells are unpleasant to foxes. 

One of which is the smell of garlic and chilli. For this, you can make a homemade repellent by boiling garlic cloves and chopped chilli peppers in water, then straining it and placing it into a spray bottle. Apply this to areas of your garden where you have spotted a fox or two.

You could also add citrus peels and coffee grounds near entrance points in your garden to keep foxes at bay. 

4. Secure Your Garden's Perimeters

Foxes can climb through small gaps, dig under fences, and climb over barriers in your garden.

The best way to keep them out is by covering up any gaps and holes in your fence and installing L-shaped mesh footings at the base of your fence. For added security, you could even install fence rollers to prevent foxes from climbing over. 

Use solid materials such as bricks and stone for your garden walls, and always make sure any gates are securely closed. As a natural deterrent, you can also plant prickly shrubs, such as holly or hawthorn, around the perimeter of your garden.

5. Keep Your Garden Tidy

Keeping your garden clean and tidy is the easiest way to deter foxes. 

Regularly mow the grass to prevent a build-up of shrubbery and dirt, and trim your hedges and bushes to prevent foxes from finding hiding spots. 

Foxes are more likely to frequent gardens with clutter, so keep your garden free of old furniture, wood, and discarded garden tools. 

6. Use Water Repellent Systems

Foxes tend to stay clear of spraying or fast-moving water. 

Install motion-activated water sprinklers to scare foxes away from your garden. These operate only when motion is detected, saving you money and also doubles as a watering system for your plants.

Install these sprinklers in areas where foxes are likely to enter your garden, such as near gates, fences, and other access points. 

Invest in a Beautiful Garden with Atlas Sheds

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That is why we provide stunning garden sheds for every purpose. Our sheds are crafted from the highest quality timber and are available in a range of styles and designs for every customer. 

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