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6 Ways to Create a Cosy Corner in your Garden

6 Ways to Create a Cosy Corner in your Garden

Are you tired of having nowhere to relax? Is your garden full of overgrown weeds and uncomfortable benches? If so, Atlas Sheds has just the solution. 

In this guide, we will walk you through six ways to take your garden to the next level for the ultimate cosy space. These elements are quick and easy to add, helping you upgrade your space in no time. 

For a private relaxation hub, browse our high-quality garden sheds today.

The Benefits of a Relaxing Garden Corner

Do you often find yourself wishing for your own space outside of your hectic home? If so, a cosy corner is just what you need.

This is a great way to get out in nature and connect to the earth whilst taking a moment to breathe. You could designate this area to fuel your hobbies, such as reading, writing or drawing. 

Having this space to yourself can decrease anxiety and stress levels, creating the perfect backdrop for meditation and yoga. Just being surrounded by greenery can reduce cortisol levels. 

This is especially beneficial during the summer, as you can get your daily dose of vitamin D whilst engaging in activities such as planting, weeding, or workout routines.

1. Choose the Right Spot

To begin, you want to choose a spot that offers the most sunlight and is easy to access.

You could choose a corner closest to your house or a hidden spot at the back of your garden for some privacy. Look for a spot with level ground to accommodate furniture and decor. 

Good drainage is essential, so avoid areas that tend to get waterlogged, or that could become muddy.

2. Seating Options

Whilst benches and chairs can add a rustic feel to your garden, you want to aim for something comfortable and cosy. 

Ergonomic seating, such as padded wick chairs and couches, is perfect for a cosy corner. You can add your own cushions and throw blankets for an extra homely feel. 

For a whimsical touch, why not opt for a hammock or egg chair? These provide the perfect environment for outdoor naps, cosying up with a book in the summer, or a late-night gathering with friends and family.

3. Add Soft Furnishings

For a unique touch, an outdoor rug can tie in your cosy corner and bring indoor comfort outdoors. 

Choose a design that blends well with any throw blankets or cushions you’ve added to the furniture. Combine smooth, woven fabrics with rougher textures like jute or wool for a dynamic look.

You can get playful with the styles and patterns for a personalised garden.

4. Create Privacy

If your cosy corner is easily visible to neighbours or family members, why not add a barrier?

A partition screen is the perfect cover. You could opt for a vintage design to stand out in your garden. If you prefer more of a natural look, a wooden screen will blend well with the natural elements.

If you want to use your cosy corner in the wintertime, a gazebo or pergola is a must-have. Not only does this stop neighbours from looking in, but it protects yourself and your furniture from being ruined by wet weather conditions. 

To keep any personal items dry and protected whilst not in use, you could also add a small storage shed to the space.

5. Lighting for Ambience

Your cosy corner isn’t complete without some ambient lighting. 

For energy-efficient solutions, solar lights are the perfect choice. These could be placed next to a pond or around your cosy corner. For an aesthetically pleasing garden, drape string lights around your furniture or trees. This will make the space much more inviting. 

You could also add lanterns to tree branches or create a runway effect with pathway lights. 

Ambient lighting creates a magical atmosphere during the evenings, perfect for late-night meditation sessions, gatherings, or stargazing. 

6. Add a Garden Feature

Every relaxing area needs a feature that averts the eyes and expands the space. 

Garden features can range from water elements to sculptures, such as a trickling water fountain for a soothing garden or an eye-catching statue. 

To uplift your cosy corner, you could design it inside a garden shed. This is the perfect way to keep your furniture in good condition whilst achieving a private and relaxing hideout. Our country cabins are the perfect choice.

You could even add a fire pit or a fireplace inside your shed for an extra layer of warmth and comfort. 

Upgrade your Garden with Atlas Sheds

At Atlas Sheds, we understand how important it is to own a garden that meets all of your needs and desires.

That is why we sell affordable garden sheds, ranging from classic tool storage to glamorous studios. You can rely on our sheds to bring your garden to life. 

We hope you have been inspired to create your own cosy corner within this guide. For that extra touch, browse our garden sheds today to begin your outdoor renovation. 

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