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6 Tips for Keeping Flies Out Of Your Garden

6 Tips for Keeping Flies Out Of Your Garden

Enjoying a sunny day out in our garden without being pestered by flies is something we can only wish for. But what if we told you that we could make this dream come true?

Flies may be a constant presence, but with a few straightforward methods, you can effectively keep them away from your garden. 

Today, Atlas Sheds will guide you through six ways to get rid of flies in your garden. To elevate your garden experience further, browse our beautiful shed designs here

1. Plant Power

Certain plants naturally repel flies. 

Incorporating plants and herbs such as lavender, marigolds, or mint into your garden will help to create a fly-free zone. 

Plant them near seating areas, along your garden path, or in pots for visual appeal. Better yet, their calming and fragrant scent will add a beautiful aroma to your garden.

2. DIY Fly Traps

Creating your own fly traps is a cost-effective and quick way to prevent flies from buzzing around your space. 

Some effective home-made fly traps include:

  • Wine trap: Place a small glass of wine outside, cover the top in plastic wrap, and poke small holes into it. The flies will attract to the scent, enter the glass through the holes and become trapped.
  • Sugar-water bottle: Cut off the top of a plastic bottle and invert it into the base, creating a funnel. Then, fill the bottom with water, sugar, and a small drop of dish soap. This will lure flies into drinking the solution and trap them in it.
  • Vinegar and dish soap: Mix a few drops of apple cider vinegar with dish soap in a bowl. Cover the bowl with plastic wrap, poking small holes into it. The scent will attract the flies, and they will become stuck in the bowl.

3. Natural Fly Repellents

Natural repellents are an organic and eco-friendly way to prevent flies in your garden. This includes:

  • Eucalyptus spray: Mix a few drops of eucalyptus oil with water and a small amount of vinegar or witch hazel in a spray bottle. Spray this around seating areas, windows, and doors.
  • Lemongrass oil: Mix lemongrass oil with water and spray it around your garden.
  • Citronella candles: Place some citronella candles around your garden and light them when you’re outside to repel flies and mosquitoes. 
  • Herbal bouquets: Create small bouquets using lavender, basil, mint, and rosemary. Place these near dining and seating areas in your garden as a fly deterrent. 

4. Water Features and Fans

Flies prefer still air and water, so adding running water features or fans to your garden can help to keep them away. 

Consider adding a running water fountain, bubbler, or waterfall feature to your space. Not only will this deter flies, but it will elevate your garden, creating a beautiful and soothing element. 

Add a fan to your patio, gazebo, or decking area to prevent flies from flying around your home. Position them to create a gentle and steady airflow toward areas you use often. 

5. Regular Cleaning

A garden that is full of waste, overgrown weeds, and decaying organic matter provides the perfect breeding ground for flies. 

To prevent this, store your bins in bin sheds to prevent waste spillage and remove pet waste from your garden. Regularly remove rotting fruit that had fallen from trees and any rotten vegetables in your shrubbery. 

Keep your drain and gutter systems free from still water and debris to keep flies and pests away. 

6. Physical Barriers

Barriers are a straightforward and easy way to prevent flies from entering your garden and inside your home. 

Cover your fruit and veg patch with garden netting to prevent produce from being damaged by flies. Covering ponds and water features can also prevent them from laying eggs in still water. 

Fly screens can be placed on the doors and windows of your home or garden shed. For an aesthetic alternative, you could opt for beaded or mesh curtains. Aluminium foil and reflective tape also work great, disorienting flies due to the reflected light.

Upgrade Your Garden Today With Atlas Sheds

Is it time to give your garden a much-needed makeover? If so, Atlas Sheds can help you achieve your dream green space. 

With a wide range of sheds to choose from, we cater to different styles, sizes, and needs. From summer houses to tool sheds, you can enjoy a fun and productive garden, fly-free. 

Browse our products today or contact our team of experts for more information. 

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