Turn your shed into a creative space (pt2)

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The potential for your garden retreat is practically limitless, it’s yours to own and do with as you please! Take a look at our further suggestions on what that valuable space could be used for!

Potting Shed
Lets not forget about those more traditional uses, between the lawnmowers and bikes we like to make room for our plants. During the winter months you can get those sensitive plants potted and sheltered away from the elements, ready for the coming spring.

The shed for many is a place for tinkering, from those the latest DIY projects, to joinery and part time engineering. It’s the perfect space to work on your projects for days, weeks or months. You can be assured that your project will be protected from the elements, and hidden away from curious hands.

Summer House
Wooden summer houses are the perfect, close to home summer retreat. For entertaining guests, or just snoozing the afternoons away, you’ll be able to relax without having to be on the Spanish coastline. With some light furniture overlooking a freshly mowed lawn, you can make your own piece of personal paradise.

Private Gym
Health and fitness is all the rage and its your bad then having your own personal gym might not seem like a bad idea. A great place to keep your weights and maybe install a treadmill, you could even go the whole hog and incorporate a sauna. An all-inclusive gym without the membership, just meters from your front door.

Don’t hesitate to make use of that extra real estate you have in the garden! Atlas Sheds Liverpool can provide a shed for whatever function you fancy. Make your shed a welcome retreat for yourself; make more room for your home and make more out of your garden.

Your September Gardening Tips


During this late summer month your garden will be reaping the rewards for one of the hottest summers on record. Whilst the fruits of your labour are present it is now the best time to begin preparing for the harsher winter months and preparing for next spring. It is vital to make the most of the warmth in the next few months.

While the soil is still warm, planting and transplanting is a good use of time, the current warmth means that before the evening’s draw in and the coolness of winter approaches plants are able to settle their roots and give your garden a fresh face of colour before the first frost.

Its also time to gather those remaining bulbs you may have in your sheds and have them planted, so that in spring they might thrive and flower. The late autumn give the bulbs time to germinate and store energy for that spring bloom.

There are plenty of smaller jobs to be organising too;

• Plants that are sensitive to frost should be covered in the coming weeks to avoid permanent frost damage and the undoing of the growth they’ve made over the summer period.

• Summer bulbs should be dug up and stored in airy containers.

• Place potted plants either indoors, inside your sheds or in a sheltered position.

• Replace or empty any watering devices that might be damaged by frozen water. Including water pumps for your ponds, which can be replaced by anti ice pumps.

Atlas Sheds Liverpool can provide storage for your gardening needs, a range of fantastic storage arrangements available in the northwest.

Rediscover Summer Storage with Atlas Sheds, Warrington

Happy Senior Couple With Freshly Harvested Vegetables

It’s that time of year again. The garden furniture is coming out with the expectation of another lovely summer! Whether it be for storage, comfort or your children. Atlas sheds have a wide variety of timber sheds, summerhouses and playhouses to suit your every need.
An avid gardener? See our range of potting sheds. For the DIY expert we have a huge range of tool sheds, including our super strong range (complete with a free alarm!).
We have a selection of beautiful summerhouses for those lazy summer evenings, and for the children we have fantastic playhouses. Checkout our forest den playhouse (it has two floors!).
As part of our comprehensive service we will remove your old (timber) shed for free! Take a look at our brand new site atlasheds.co.uk or call us on 0151 546 7378 to discuss your requirements.

Rediscover the Elegance of Gardening with Affordable Large Garden Shed Designs

While you commence arranging creative methods to build those ideal garden sheds for you, you need to decide first that how enormous it really must be. An instant solution to this problem is to construct it large and sufficient because if it is too tiny, it would get too messy and crowded to discover things whereas large garden sheds, can be placed at any location in your garden or yard and can store everything in systematic manner. Continue reading

Wooden Dog Kennels in Liverpool, UK: An Incredible Investment to Last for Years

There are numerous reasons that the pet owners nowadays, opt to buy the highest quality wooden dog kennels in Liverpool, UK. If your garden is unfenced then, you need a safe place to protect your animal. There are numerous reasons and options available today for purchasing a dog kennels in UK. A dog kennel can be a practical and extremely striking addition to every garden. Dog owners usually encounter the dilemma while picking an ideal dog kennel to provide their loyal companion with a secure and comfortable place to reside in your garden. An ideal dog kennel will serve you with powerful side panels to protect your dog from every weather condition. These dog kennels are aesthetically pleasing compared to other chain link options and are apt to be placed in natural surroundings like gardens or yards.

Things to consider on Affordability and Convenience Factors While Choosing Wooden Dog Kennels:

  • Affordably Priced: These dog kennels are available and accessible to purchase online at affordable prices. However, if you want to have the highest quality dog kennels in UK then, they might be a bit expensive.
  • Creative: If you yearn to give your pet with a stylish place to reside in Liverpool, UK then, you might be looking for a creative dog kennel. These creative kennels are now easily available online in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, colors, designs and finishes.
  • Strong and Long-lasting: This is one of the most significant features which most dog owners yearn to have in the dog kennel. If you wish that your dog kennel last for several years then, you must choose the one which is strong and long-lasting.
  • Quick Delivery: When it comes to buying dog kennels in Liverpool, UK you must look for a provider which installs and delivers the dog kennels at your home on-time and quickly.

The ideal wooden dog kennels usually have a portion known as a run which is enclosed with a chain fencing or mesh. This portion is then attached to a “house” section which offers complete shelter to your dog. Your pet feels completely free to move, run and relax between his house and his kennel. Dog kennels are normally ordered for a specific size though some manufacturers customize them as per your specifications, needs and budget. These free standing small timber utility buildings require a strong base. Manufacturers in UK offer installation and assembly services free of charge or for a nominal extra fee.

Always make sure to find a professional wooden dog kennel manufacturer in Liverpool, UK and discuss your color, size, design, finishes and shape requirements with them to make conversant decision. These dog kennels require very little maintenance and are designed in such a way that you can easily remove the debris and hose down the surfaces. They are generally treated with tanalised wood which is designed to live up to the elements in each weather condition. With making some minor considerations, you can get your loyal companion an ideal private hideaway which will last for several years to come!

Smarten up your Garden with Building Conventional Wooden Sheds in UK

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