Wooden Summer Houses

Explore Atlas Sheds’ Beautiful and Affordable Selection of Wooden Summer Houses

Elongated summer days revolving into pleasant summer evenings and you’re stuck inside since you haven’t gotAtlas Shedswooden summer houses. Our all-inclusive assortment of garden summer houses allows you to enjoy the sunny days at your home in your garden with absolute comfort and style. Atlas Sheds supplies and manufactures both conventional and contemporary garden summerhouses suitable for most client preferences, needs and budgets.

At Atlas Sheds, we offer a wide selection of exquisitely designed wooden summer houses, wooden sheds and wooden dog kennels in Liverpool and Warrington, UK. We take great pride on producing the highest quality and creative design selection of garden summerhouses in UK.

Atlas Sheds offer an exclusive selection of top quality summer houses at affordable prices and last for several years to come. So, if you are looking to buy a stunning, flexible and wonderfully creative garden summer houses then, look no further.

Whether you are planning to buy our summer houses for storing your additional mess during the winters, or you wish to have an outdoor reception area for garden parties, we can construct a bespoke garden summer house which ticks all the right boxes. Our wooden summer houses make a graceful addition to every garden or yard in Liverpool and Warrington, UK.  Our naturally scenic, pictorial, malleable and multi-purpose summer houses can be used in every season.

Our wooden summer houses are not only perfect for relaxing, partying and socialising, but they also give your home that required additional space. Our conventional or contemporary summer houses look great in every garden and we have a wide assortment of finishes which can complete the look and feel of the final timber garden utility building. Erected from numerous timber finishes, cladding glazing, and doors, Atlas Sheds can assist you build the perfect wooden summer houses in your garden in just no time and within your budget. Contact us0151 546 7378 or 01925 657 977 or visit our showroom today.

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